Indonesian trade unions are planning to push for a 30% hike in the minimum wage from 2015, after organising a mass rally last week where up to 30,000 workers are said to have backed calls for better pay and benefits.

Among their demands are continued increases in minimum wages, social security reform, and a limit on outsourcing.

Wages in Indonesia rose by an average of 19% from the beginning of the year, although the increase was less than the 50% that labour unions had been seeking.

In the capital Jakarta and the surrounding region, the minimum wage rose 11% from IDR2.2m (US$191.5) to IDR2.44m (US$212.3) per month. Other provinces across the country also raised wages, ranging from 10% to 45%.

But according to the IndustriAll global union, more than 10m people still do not have access to universal health insurance promised by the government, and there are concerns about the pension reform due to come into force on 1 July 2015.

"Last year, we saw increasing minimum wages in many countries around Asia," said IndustriAll secretary general Jyrki Raina.

"Unions in Bangladesh managed to get a 77% increase in 2013, and the minimum wage in China is already higher than in Indonesia. It is high time that Indonesian workers and their families get their share of the profits they actually help create."