Unique Solutions Design Ltd, the developer of 3D body scan measurement technology, today (24 March) said it has bought a majority stake in its main rival, Philadelphia based Intellifit Corporation.

The deal adds Intellifit's patented Virtual Fitting Room (VFR) to Unique Solutions' line-up, and means the company will be able to offer a range of 3D body scanners for markets ranging boutiques to large department stores.

The Virtual Fitting Room is the only 3D whole body anthropometric scanner that can take measurements of a fully clothed individual - and targets high traffic locations such as department stores where it can help improve sales and reduce returns due to inaccurate sizes.

"The power of the back end software from Unique combined with the broadened scope of body scanning capabilities from Intellifit has strengthened Unique Solution's position as the leader in fit technologies," says Tanya Shaw Weeks, CEO of Unique Solutions.

3D body measurement technology is used by companies such as Levi's, Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug to improve traffic, purchases and customer loyalty.

It can also help improve inventory management by using body scanned measurements to more accurately determine size.

Intellifit systems have been deployed globally in over 30 retail and promotional settings in the US, UK, Italy, Japan, China.

The acquisition also gives Unique Solutions what is thought to be the largest and most comprehensive database in the world of body measurements.