The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) is due to release an updated chemical management tool as part of its Voluntary Product Environmental Profile (VPEP) supplier disclosure form.

The VPEP, being unveiled next week, allows suppliers and buyers to exchange information more easily on the chemical make-up and environmental impact of textile products.

It can be used by apparel and textile firms and chemical suppliers to facilitate the "efficient exchange of information" necessary to make decisions regarding the environmental impact of textile products and processes.

It has been developed by a group comprising of dyestuff and chemical suppliers, apparel and textile manufacturers, academic institutions and trade associations.

VPEP was originally released to the public several years ago by the National Textile Association. The AAFA adopted the project and updated it in 2013.

"While the use of VPEP is completely voluntary, it is preferred and has been widely implemented by many major companies in the chemical and textile industries," the AAFA said.