The volume of apparel imports into the US in December climbed 2% on the month before as the holiday season neared its end.

The volume of imports was 5.4% higher than the same month a year earlier, at 2.02bn square metre equivalents (SME). In value terms, imports rose 4.7% to $6.2bn. 

Gains were booked during the month by each of the US's three largest apparel suppliers. China rose 4.6% to 808m SME, Vietnam was up 10.7% to 237m SME, and Bangladesh saw its shipments jump 18.8% to 144m SME. 

Other countries reporting import gains during December included Cambodia (up 13.2% to 79m SME), India (up 8.6% to 71m SME), Pakistan (up 1.6% to 46m SME), and Indonesia (up 5.8% to 91m SME).

But declines were seen by Honduras (down 1.45% to 90m SME), Mexico (down 11% to 61m SME), and Nicaragua (down 9.4% to 34m SME). 

While monthly trade data is often volatile, with big swings from one month to the next, a broader view of the full-year shows imports in 2015 were 6.12% higher than in 2014 at 27.22bn SME, and in value terms rose 4.14% to $85.16bn.

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US apparel import growth led by Bangladesh