The Indian Ministry of Textiles has acquired 224 of Tukatech's 2D and 3D virtual garment design systems to improve the quality and production of apparel. 

The systems have been installed in 26 apparel training and design centres, which are operated by the Ministry of Textiles. 

India's Institute of Apparel management (IAM) recently teamed with solution provider Tukatech to install the first digital fashion 'Innovation Lab', offering training to fashion students. It aims to help the students learn about software and systems within the apparel industry. 

Dr Darlie Koshy, CEO and director general of the apparel training and design centres and the IAM, said: "Our goal is to prepare a highly skilled work force for our apparel industry by providing new technologies for improving production and quality."

In total, there are more than 2,000 of Tukatech's systems in Indian fashion schools.