Luxury fashion label Vivienne Westwood is to tag its products with innovative woven brand labels that incorporate secure radio frequency identification (RFID) protection.

The woven RFID labels from TexTrace will initially be used for product authentication, to help protect against counterfeits, shrinkage and an increase in grey market activity – but there are also plans to extend their deployment to improve logistics and inventory management.

The labels allow items to be tracked throughout the supply chain, with easy authentication using standard RFID technology at the border and in the store.

As an integral part of the product as opposed to a hangtag or care label, they are encoded and shipping direct to suppliers.

And because brand labels are legally part of a product, brand owners can take action against unauthorised resellers, even charging them with product tampering if needed.

In contrast, garment care labels are not considered part of the product by law, so RFID enabled care labels don't offer true brand protection.

"TexTrace helped us imagine ways to use technology to enable a better distribution process and achieve the peace of mind that comes with authentication of our brand," explains Nurben Usta, from the Vivienne Westwood production department.