Intimate apparel brand Wacoal has introduced a new type of bra called 'Top Solution', which has been designed for women who experience diminished body tone in the top portion of their breasts.

Top Solution has a supportive contour style with a strategically placed enhanced top cup using a sculpted pad. It is available at retailers throughout the US in sizes from 32B to 38DD costing $62.00.

"Through careful research, Wacoal discovered that many women could not find a bra that fit correctly due to their diminished top cup," explains Liz Smith, national spokesperson and fit expert for Wacoal.

"Until Top Solution, women with this breast shape had only two options: either to wear a push-up or an ill-fitting bra.

"This innovative design is a testament of Wacoal's dedication to fit every woman with a perfectly fitting bra."

Diminished top cup is a natural breast shape that challenges many women, the company said, but can also be a result of pregnancy, weight loss or simply during the ageing process.