A series of new workshops is taking place in London, Amsterdam and Los Angeles to look at the benefits of being able to deliver fast fashion in a recession.

Improved efficiency reduces costs, the organisers say, and delivering cost reductions in a recession is critical in maintaining demand and being competitive.
Fast supply chains reduce the cash to cash cycle, lowering working capital and improving return on capital. Availability of capital being a key issue in today's environment.
Offering advice on how to achieve speed and efficiency in the supply chain, from concept to delivery to the consumer, the workshops use case study examples of successful companies like Zara in Spain to show how retailers can keep consumers satisfied.

'Why Fast Fashion in a Recession?' will take place on 13 March at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, on 18th March in London, and on 28 May at the California Mart Los Angeles.

For more details, contact Ken Watson, managing director of Industry Forum Services.