Pantone subsidiary X-Rite is launching an affordable compact spectrophotometer for companies that want to establish or improve colour control programs in industrial settings.

X-Rite said the Ci4200 gives accurate colour measurements of coatings, textiles and plastics that can be integrated seamlessly with historical databases of other X-Rite instruments.

It is a 31-point spherical spectrophotometer that manufacturers can use to measure the colours of coatings, textiles, plastics and other materials to reduce rejection rates and scrap, improve speed to market and enhance their positions within supply chains.

With its attractive price point, the new instrument is particularly well suited for companies that want to improve on existing colour measurement programs that currently rely on non-spectral devices or only visual inspection pass/fail methods, X-Rite said.

The company said it developed the Ci4200 in response to customers' needs for a small, easy-to-use and flexible benchtop spectrophotometer that serves as a solid foundation for tighter controls of colour for incoming materials, in-process parts and finished goods. In addition to providing accurate colour measurement for gloss and non-gloss surfaces, the Ci4200 is also available with UV (Ci4200UV) for accurate colour measurement of textiles and other materials that contain optical brightening agents.