Zaras latest flagship store on Oxford Street, in London

Zara's latest flagship store on Oxford Street, in London

Zara is set to open its London flagship store tomorrow, a 15,000 square metre store at the Marble Arch end of Oxford Street.

The store will be the retailer's fourth on the shopping strip, and showcases the retailer's brand image - focusing on "beauty, clarity, functionality and sustainability".

The new store features a stripped back aesthetic, with clothing displayed in cube-like spaces.

Inditex UK managing director Dilip Patel told just-style: "People will be surprised when they come in here and see how luxurious it is and then see the prices, which are still Zara prices."

Inditex said the store uses the latest eco-efficiency standards for its lighting, heating and cooling, water use, materials, recycling and waste management systems. The newly built site has achieved BREEAM certification. Compared to the retailer's traditional stores, the Park House site uses 40% less water and 25% less electricity, emitting 80 fewer tonnes of carbon emissions each year. 

The retailer said its eco-efficient stores are the most "ambitious and far-reaching" part of its sustainability plans, given that the "store lies at the heart of the Inditex business model", with the retailer working to lower its CO2 emissions in stores by 10% by 2015 and by 20% in 2020.

Zara has halved its stores' per square metre lighting energy use since 2005 by constantly updating stores with the most energy efficient lighting on the market. It has installed motion detectors in the stock room, which dims the light by 80% when not in use. The company has also installed motion detectors in other areas such as toilets, internal corridors and staff rooms that are not in constant use.

Store lighting also dims to 66% during cleaning shifts and merchandise unloading periods.