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Fashion trends are continually evolving, and consumers are becoming increasingly fickle. To remain competitive in this challenging industry, businesses need the utmost agility and flexibility to respond to rapidly changing customer preferences. Delivering ‘trend-right' products to market faster, without sacrificing margin and quality, is often a complex logistical challenge. Today, global supply chains must anticipate and respond with faster, more efficient and cost-effective operations and products.

Simparel PLM: Helping You Deliver ‘Trend-Right' Products To Market Faster

Today, many apparel, and other fashion-related companies, are opting for a more unified approach - a modern ERP solution that incorporates much of the traditional PLM functionality as well as some supply chain management capabilities, to increase collaboration across key roles in both the enterprise and the supply chain, starting from the early product development phase. Unlike other systems that stop at the production phase, Simparel PLM is fully integrated into your entire Supply Chain process. The fully embedded solution gives you the ability to move from product development to the production phase seamlessly with the Simparel ERP.

Business Processes Supported

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Line Planning
  • Story Boarding
  • Tech Pack Development
  • RFQ (Request for Quote)
  • Calendaring & Workflow Alerts
  • Bill of Material

Simparel PLM Benefits

  • Cut Costs & Increase Margins
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Functionality-Rich Solution
  • Eliminate Information Barriers
  • Streamline Operations
  • Real-time Process Visibility

About Simparel

Simparel, Inc. ® has developed a Unified Global ERP Solution that is designed to grow apparel, footwear and accessories businesses. The Unified Global ERP Solution is faster to deploy and extend, delivering a magnitude of scalability and performance over any other solution. True end-to-end functionality lets customers focus on products and sales by making business decisions easier, improving product delivery, and facilitating cost and inventory management. Providing global enterprise visibility and collaboration throughout Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management, Order-to-Cash, EDI, Logistics and Distribution processes (warehouse management systems), this unified model approach ensures compliant and on-time delivery.

The Simparel Difference

In just a few short years, Simparel has become "the fastest growing ERP solution" in our marketplace. Aside from the technical aspects that make Simparel so revolutionary, our people and our dedication truly make Simparel one of a kind.

All of us have come from prior experience in our industry one way or another, whether from the fashion business or the software industry, and we understand the pain points and special nuances that apply to our industries. We know there are functionality requirements unique to the apparel world that not every generic ERP solution in the market can handle, at least not without significant customization. In building our revolutionary solution, we have addressed these issues from the ground up.

To match our state-of-the-art product offering, we felt it was necessary to hire a team of professionals who are the most experienced and most talented in the industry. Our team's practical experience across the Simparel® development, services and support groups is a huge advantage in all our projects.

In addition, the adage that "the customer is always right" helps our focus and continuously improves our solution. Client suggestions, recommendations, and yes even complaints, serve as catalysts in our mission to deliver paradigm changing software solutions. We are committed to providing the highest quality end-to-end software in the industry.

At all levels of the company, we strive to help apparel and other fashion-related companies achieve operational efficiencies and cost savings. At the most basic level, Simparel provides an ERP solution, but the way we do it enables us to make a difference in the companies we serve. We will continue to carefully listen to our customer's needs. After all, listening is what brought us to where we are today.

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The Unified Global ERP Solution

Make Ideas Reality with Simparel PLM

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