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Cambodia employers and unions unhappy at wage rise

Trade unions and employers in Cambodia's garment sector are denouncing the government's new US$128 minimum monthly wage for the clothing tex...

Cambodia's future outsourcing prospects uncertain

If Cambodia's US$5.5bn garment industry is not at a crossroads, it is approaching one, according to participants at an industry trade show h...

SOURCING: Compliance still a concern in Cambodia

Although there has been a slight improvement in the proper payment of wages and benefits within Cambodia's garment and footwear industry, no...

Apparel brands have vital role to play in Cambodia

Western brands and retailers are “deeply implicated” in the current unrest gripping the Cambodian apparel sector – but they can also be part...

Latest News

Report urges overhaul of Cambodia factory safety 16 Dec 2014

Richard Woodard

Safety in Cambodian garment factories needs to be improved through a complete overhaul of building regulations and the inspection regime, says a new report.

Agreement aims to eradicate Cambodia child labour 16 Dec 2014

Richard Woodard

A new agreement involving manufacturers and Better Factories Cambodia aims to eliminate child labour in the country’s garment industry.

Long-running SL Garment dispute settled 21 Nov 2014

Katie Smith

A long-running dispute at Cambodian clothing factory SL Garment, which resulted in the death of one person after violent clashes broke out between workers and armed forces, has been settled.

Cambodia raises minimum wage for garment workers 13 Nov 2014

Leonie Barrie

Apparel brands have been urged to remain committed to Cambodia after a 28% rise in the minimum monthly wage was agreed for textile, garment and footwear workers - with salaries to increase from the beginning of next year.

Cambodia to discuss garment sector wages next week 7 Nov 2014

Poorna Rodrigo

A Cambodia government-appointed Labour Advisory Committee (LAC) may decide on a new minimum monthly wage for garment sector workers when it meets next week, just-style has been told.

Cambodia garment worker wage vote stalls again 4 Nov 2014

Katie Smith

A tripartite working group set up to reach a consensus on next year’s minimum wage in Cambodia's garment sector, is to file two proposals to the country's Labour Ministry - neither of which is the US$140 supported by most unions.

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