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SOURCING: Compliance still a concern in Cambodia

Although there has been a slight improvement in the proper payment of wages and benefits within Cambodia's garment and footwear industry, no...

Apparel brands have vital role to play in Cambodia

Western brands and retailers are “deeply implicated” in the current unrest gripping the Cambodian apparel sector – but they can also be part...

Cambodia garment workers ready for no-show protest

Cambodia's garment workers are pressing ahead with their demand for higher wages - having staged a four-day overtime boycott, they are now r...

Crackdown on human rights weighs on Cambodia

Against the backdrop of a month of fierce protests, the worst state violence in Cambodia for 15 years, and an escalating crackdown on protes...

Latest News

Better Factories Cambodia phone project revamped 31 Jul 2014

Richard Woodard

The ILO-Better Factories Cambodia (BFC) initiative has revamped its Kamako Chhnoeum worker education mobile phone project after a drop in the number of calls.

Adidas investigating Cambodia faintings 29 Jul 2014

Michelle Russell

Sporting giant Adidas has said it is investigating an incident involving over 200 faintings at a garment factory in Kandal province, Cambodia.

Transparency boosting Cambodia factory conditions 3 Jul 2014

Richard Woodard

Transparent reporting of garment factory compliance in Cambodia is helping to improve conditions for workers, according to a new report.

Cambodia agrees next garment minimum wage date 3 Jul 2014

Katie Smith

Cambodia's Labor Advisory Committee (LAC), a government-led tripartite group, has agreed the next minimum wage adjustment for garment workers will take effect on 1 January 2015.

Cambodia faintings highlight worker safety issues 2 Jul 2014

Katie Smith

Nearly 50 workers are reported to have fainted in a Cambodian garment factory at the weekend, highlighting the ongoing issues surrounding working conditions in the country's textile and clothing industry.

Target "reduces" Cambodia garment sourcing 27 Jun 2014

Michelle Russell

US retailer Target Corp is another apparel manufacturer to have reportedly reduced its sourcing from Cambodian garment factories in response to industry turmoil in the country.

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