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Help test our new apparel sourcing tool.

re:source helps apparel companies save time, reduce cost and understand supply chain risk.

Get early access to our new sourcing planning tool for free in exchange for your feedback. Apply now – places are limited


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What is re:source?

re:source is a strategic planning tool for the apparel industry. It will help apparel professionals like you save time, reduce cost and understand supply chain risk by turning disconnected market data into usable insights.

What tools will re:source contain?

re:source will include a trade agreements and tariffs database, garment category volume, value and price data, market-sourced costing benchmarks, unique country risk ratings, and expert analysis from the team at just-style.

What is the private testing program?

The private testing program allows you to help directly shape the development of re:source for maximum benefit.

Those who wish to join will have the opportunity to test and provide feedback on early stage functionality, offer up ideas and speak directly with the development team.

Why is the testing program private?

We want testers to feel free to provide as much feedback as they wish through an ongoing dialogue. To allow for this we have decided to limit numbers and run a closed, private test.

This decision will help create a focussed product that answers the problems that real apparel industry professionals like you face, as quickly as possible.

What is the testing program waitlist?

If you apply to help us test re:source your name will be added to the testing program waitlist. Only people on this waitlist will be considered for the private testing program.

Appearance on the list does not guarantee acceptance to the program. However, you will be contacted to let you know whether you have been accepted to the program or not. Everyone on the waitlist will be notified when re:source is released to the public.

Who will be eligible for the private testing program?

Are you involved in the apparel sourcing process? Do you work for an apparel brand owner, supplier or consultant? Then, regardless of the size of your company, we want to hear from you.

We want our testers to reflect a cross-section of just-style’s users - and that includes people from small, medium and large companies.

If you are prepared to commit enough time to properly test the tool, and provide detailed feedback on what you love, like, dislike - as well as and what needs to change - then we would encourage you to apply.

Do I have to be a just-style subscriber to take part in the testing program?

No. If you are involved in the apparel sourcing process - as a buyer, supplier or intermediary - then we would encourage you to apply. Note that spots on the private testing program will be limited initially. Spots will open up later on as the program evolves.

When will the private testing program begin?

The testing program itself will begin in early 2017.

How much will I earn as a tester?

Although you won’t receive compensation as a tester, you will receive free access to the product before it is opened up to anyone else.

As a tester you will also be able to influence aspects of the direction of the product.

If I am not selected to be part of the private testing program, can I still be notified when the product is ready to launch?

Absolutely. If you have chosen to apply to the private testing program then we will contact you when re:source is opened up to the public, unless you have already chosen to unsubscribe from our emails.

When will re:source itself be ready?

re:source will contain a number of tools designed to address key apparel sourcing problems. The release date for re:source will be dependent on the development and testing time necessary to build and refine each tool.

How much will re:source cost when it launches?

You will be able to learn about our pricing when the product publically launches.