Bobbin World 2001, a triennial worldwide sewn products expo, will offer networking opportunities and new products and services for the entire sewn products industry. Taking place August 15-17 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, the show will have the theme of "Windows to Your World" and feature a streetscape showcasing finished products from eight industry segments, including apparel, upholstered furniture, home textiles, transportation interiors, leather goods, footwear and technical textiles.

"Bobbin World is shaping up to be a very strong event for the entire sewn products industry. Our interactive website goes live this month, and we encourage attendees and exhibitors to take advantage of all it has to offer in terms of enhancing their attendance and participation in Bobbin World. Orlando is an exciting new venue with many sites and attractions - a perfect destination for business and pleasure," says Jackie James, Bobbin Group show director.

Sponsored by the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), the Sewn Products Equipment Suppliers Association (SPESA) and Bobbin and La Bobina magazines, Bobbin World also will feature an extensive educational programme August 14-17.

To help you plan your visit to Bobbin World, following is a glimpse at some of the products exhibitors will be showcasing.

Exhibitor Preview

Ackermann North America
sadil rayon with a new snap down base kingspool will be on display at Bobbin World. The design offers customers clean and easy thread storage, less wasted thread and smooth thread take off. Commenting on the market, advertising director Scott Adcock says that designs continue to shrink in size and complexity. "We're also seeing 3-D foam embroidery making a big comeback. It was introduced three to four years ago, and then dropped off," he says.

ACT Software
To reduce the cost and complications traditionally associated with managing communications between vendors, suppliers and contractors, ACT is presenting the Milestone Tracking System (MTS). This new system empowers importers, distributors and manufacturers to manage routing steps more efficiently. MTS creates a single method of communication that reduces overall employee labour time, uses e-mail technology to decrease long-distance telephone bills and easily integrates into existing management applications.

Albatross USA Inc
The new Hydrosolv Jr Cleaning Station, a spot cleaning system that removes many types of stains from textiles, will be on display. Using solvent and aqueous cleaners, the Hydrosolv Jr allows operators to clean both dry and wet stains.

American and Efird (A&E)
The Signature line of embroidery thread will be featured by A&E. Manufactured using tri-lobal polyester fibres that impart a distinctive sheen, the thread is made using a low-variation construction method instead of the conventional twisted method, which improves stitching performance and seam appearance. A&E has also developed the ANEsyst order and inventory management system, which allows customers to efficiently manage sewing thread inventory via the Internet.

AS/AP of Georgia Inc
AS/AP will offer its AS/AP Classic, an Apparel Accounting System designed for smaller, more cost-conscious manufacturers and distributors.

Showcased will be a new generation of Barudan embroidery equipment featuring new sewing head configurations, production enhancements, framing devices and more. "Our customers are looking for ways to increase their productivity," says Annette Joyce, vice president of sales and marketing. In terms of industry trends, Joyce notes that for the past couple of years, there has been a move toward smaller machines, a trend she anticipates will continue. "Home sewers are getting into embroidery. Some are starting their own businesses while others are investing in commercial machines to satisfy their creative urges," she says.

Better Methods Alexander (BMA)
Showcased will be samples of the company's new lines of micro perforated kraft and poly overlay for use with automated cutting machines. The new micro perf and poly overlay pattern allows for better vacuum hold-down on most cutters. "The No. 1 challenge [today] is to remain cost competitive. Companies are moving their cut and sew operations offshore…and BMA's challenge is to have its full product line available in these countries to give its customers an uninterrupted source of products [in these] countries," says Peter Jackowitz, president.

Bemis Associates Inc
Bemis will showcase SewFree, a soft, highly elastic, polyurethane adhesive film designed for use in undergarments and intimate apparel applications in which stretch and recovery are required. SewFree eliminates the need for sewing and adheres to polyester, polyester/cotton blends and other blended fabrics.

Brother International Corp
The KE-430B electronic lockstitch bar tacker is the latest addition to Brother's line of bar tacking machines. New features for this machine include a maximum sewing speed of 2,700 rpm and an upper shaft motor integrated with the machine head. Brother also is introducing a new tufting machine. It is similar in size to the company's single-head model and will produce chenille-like patterns.

Consolidated Sewing Machine Corp
The company will exhibit the Consew 733 PRO super heavy-duty sewing machine, which allows for sewing heavy-duty materials with a totally programmable stitch using a 405 cord.

Contech will introduce a new rotary sheeter to convert nonwovens, textiles, plastics and papers with high-speed processing, tight cut tolerance, slitting, stacking, roll feed and inline sheeting.

Dotec Needle Company Ltd
Dotec Needle Company Ltd will exhibit its full range of needles, including its Level Sewing series as well as needles for sewing leather, attaching buttons and performing long stitch, overlock, embroidery, interlock and blindstitch operations.

Dürkopp Adler America Inc
The new 745-34 sewing unit is designed for run stitching rectangular or slanted pocket openings of piped pockets, flap pockets and welt pockets. With an output of approximately 1,500 to 1,800 pockets per 480 minutes, this machine has both intermittent or continuous programmable material feed and a standard suction unit that can be connected to a factory vacuum system.

EFKA of America
Included in EFKA's exhibit will be two new products, the C-200 compiler and the DC1500 motor. The C-200 compiler is a programme development tool for use with the FP220A/DC1500 and FP320A/DC1550 programmable compact motors. Users can develop their own functional sequences on a PC and then download them on-site at the factory to the respective motor control box. The DC1500 motor is a new high-torque compact motor designed for heavy-duty sewing machine types, such as feed-off-the-arm units for jeans wear and equipment for automotive/furniture applications.

Essentus Inc
Essentus will demonstrate its latest CRM (customer relationship management) applications, which are designed specifically for apparel manufacturers and distributors, to reduce the cost of processing sales orders and improve customer service.

Gerber Technology Inc
The Taurus leather cutter, a modular cutting system featuring automated colour hide scanning, flaw capturing and multiple nesting packages, will be demonstrated by Gerber Technology Inc. Designed primarily for the furniture, automotive and apparel industries, the system compiles information on every hide cut, and provides tools to assist in scheduling and tracking production. "In recent years, the industry has become decentralised, with each part of the design and manufacturing process occurring in different parts of the world. The focus is now on speed and the ability to communicate easily over thousands of miles," says Bud Staples, vice president of North American sales.

Hoopmaster by Midwest
At Bobbin World, Hoopmaster will be introducing a new line of pocket alignment guides for smaller hoops, including 12 cm and 10 cm. Jesse Mack, general manager of Hoopmaster, notes the trend toward downsizing of machines. "People are buying smaller machines to do more diverse types of runs," he says. "They don't want the 12- to15-head machines anymore. [Customers] want six heads in the United States."

Ideal Fastener Corp
The company will introduce its complete new line of invisible zippers including the #3 SF for pants, which features a smooth front; and the #5 SP for jackets and pockets. The #5 SF separating and non-separating zippers also can be specially treated with a waterproof coating. "Ideal can deliver custom-dyed zipper tape, special zipper finishes and custom logo pulls in one to two weeks, [which allows] manufacturers to ship garments in three to four weeks," says Ralph Gut, president.

"At IMCA, there has been a major increase in demand for our used machines, especially from Latin American countries," says general manager Bill Hill. "There is a huge demand [in Latin America] for the larger heads [on machines]. "Many companies are sending production south, but they're co-ordinating designs from the United States and then sending everything over the Internet," Hill continues, noting that the ease of electronic file transfer allows companies to take advantage of the low-cost labour in Latin America.

Investronica Sistemas
The company will demonstrate Invesmark Futura, a suite of programmes that runs on the Windows 32-bit platform. It features a matching system, a product data management application, automatic marker making capabilities and an automatic marker server. Investronica is also introducing the Invescut Zund, a "one-layer" cutting system especially designed for production of customised apparel. The unit has a variable cutting window and different cutting heads for fabric, vinyl, cardboard, plastic, foam, leather and wool, etc.

Juki Union Special Corp
On display will be the Juki MEB-3200, the company's newest electronic keyhole buttonhole machine with a thread trimmer. All sewing data can be programmed, stored and recalled at the digital control panel, including buttonhole shapes and patterns, needle and looper thread tensions, sewing speed and knife operation.

Justwin Technologies
The company will release Justwin Apparel - a web-enabled software system. It serves as a process management workflow and document management tool and also functions as an e-business solution that enables collaboration throughout the product development process.

Kane-M Inc
Kane-M will feature heat transfer loops for T-shirts and nylon jackets. These products can be easily attached using a heat press machine. Also on display will be a spring-action hook and eye, complete with a "self-adjusting" function. The product, which is expandable to one-half inch, is available in both "sew-on" and "fix-on" versions.

Madeira USA
Madeira will feature new thread colours including 74 new Classic rayon colours, 107 new Polyneon colours and an array of metallic threads, specialty threads and holographic threads.

McAllister Retail Services
A new line of manual and air-operated presses will be introduced. Designed by McAllister Retail Systems, the presses are sold exclusively by the company's offices in the United States and Mexico. Other offerings will include the Indupress, Pacific Pac boilers and Press-mech machinery.

New Generation Computing Software
NGC Software will offer e-SPS, which is designed to offer an easy and efficient way for companies to do business globally. The tool allows for trading partners to share specifications, exchange quotes, compare bids, issue purchase orders or cut orders, monitor and track WIP, collaborate on issues, create barcode labels and more.

RVL is introducing a new e-commerce software suite designed to enhance the accuracy and availability of time-sensitive information. "This Internet-based software will allow our customers and their contractors to view information concerning orders, shipments, inventories and image catalogues via secure web browsers," says Robert Loop, director of marketing.

Scanvec Garment Systems (SGS)
SGS will introduce its new 3D Pattern Design solution in conjunction with the demonstration of its Modulate made-to-measure software. The firm's 3-D "virtual dresser" tool enables the designer to visualise all modifications to pattern pieces made in Modulate on a 3-D, full-scale human image in real time. The software enables the designer or other user to inspect the stitches, darts, pleats, folds and trim items of the garment. "Global sourcing and supply chain collaboration are the biggest challenges I hear about today from our customers. Our customers are looking for ways to cut lead times, and reduce mistakes that may result from sourcing [via] suppliers and contractors globally. SGS is committed to an 'open-systems' approach, which allows our customers the integration required for their supply chain management strategies," says Mark Mandrano, director of North American sales.

Seickel & Sons Inc
The company will showcase its microprocessor-controlled pressing machine with six-e memory storage.

Shing Ling Sewing Machine Company Ltd
The company will exhibit the FW-777-603 cylinder bed interlock sewing machine, which covers seams, hems and has a tape folder attachment for knit goods, sportswear, waistbands of trousers, underwear and other garments. In order to meet its customers' needs, Leo Chang, sales executive, says Shing Ling Sewing is focused on offering "whole plant technology." "We can supply our customers with a full range of lockstitch, overlock, interlock, bartacking, button sewing and buttonholing machines," he notes.

Ted Thorsen Co
Product offerings will include a variety of reusable shipping, cross-border and interplant handling containers for the sewn products industry. The company reports that it is focusing on competing effectively worldwide without compromising on-time delivery, manufacturing quality, business integrity or style.

Unicraft Corp
The company will offer improved air flotation tables. Compared with previous models, they feature a new, more efficient air blower and a more efficient air flow path, which together can significantly reduce operating costs, the company reports.

New products include a care content label for the seamless apparel market. It is smooth to the touch and cannot be removed from the garment. "We are increasing our warehouse facilities to have products on hand to make quick deliveries," notes Steven Anderson, sales director.

Utica Mill Specialty Machinery Co Inc
The Utica Bias system, which produces bias tapes from open-width and tubular material, will be on display. Three machines make up the system, including a sewing unit to convert material into a tubular form, a bias cutting unit and a strip-cutting machine that can cut various tape widths.

Yamato USA Inc
New products will include the "VG" series, a short cylinder bed interlock stitch machine. Operating at 6,500 spm, this machine has a linear differential feeding system, looper thread take-up system and an optional self-cleaning system.

For more information about Bobbin World 2001 and to register online, visit Tel: 800-693-1363/972-906-6800.

This article was compiled by Tracy Haisley, editorial assistant for Bobbin.

Education programme to feature diverse seminars, workshops
In co-operation with the Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2 and the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), Bobbin World 2001 workshop and seminar planners have set the stage for a robust education programme. Pre-show workshops will take place on August 14, and then seminars will run each day of the show.

Following is a list of scheduled workshops and seminars to assist in your planning for the event.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

21st Century Design: Using Computer Aided Design to Create, Communicate and Sell
Speakers: Alison Hardy, FabriCad, and Katy Chapman, CADmium Services

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

  • Fundamentals of Plant Engineering - Presented in Spanish
    Speaker: Mauricio Flores, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp. [TC]
  • How Modular Manufacturing Works for Furniture, Footwear and Apparel
    Speaker: Will Duncan, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2
  • CBI in 2001
    Speaker: Norman Gelber, Customs & Trade Services Inc
  • Benefits of Building Knowledge Management Information Communities
    Speaker: James Knapton, DataSavvy Inc
  • Global State of 3-D Body Scanning
    Speaker: The Centre for 3D Electronic Commerce, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2
  • Product Costing Fundamentals
    Speaker: Gloria Carter, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2
  • Leading Large: Motivating for Productivity
    Speaker: Bobbie Jones, Bottom Line Results

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

  • Managing Distribution Under NAFTA & CBI Parity
    Speaker: Dave Penson, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2
  • The Seven Principles of Highly Successful Manufacturers
    Speaker: Charles Gilbert, Charles Gilbert & Associates Inc
    Digital Print Design
    Speaker: Kerry Maguire King, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2
    Quality Control - Presented in Spanish
    Speaker: Gil Llanes, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2
  • Sourcing Gets Technical
    Speaker: Jennifer Suarino, Fasturn Inc
  • Increasing Embroidery Efficiency & Profits
    Speaker: Frank Gawronski, Embroidery Educational Services
  • Principles of Supply Chain Management
    Speaker: Jim Lovejoy, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2
  • You've Always Heard About Fabric and Sewing Defects - Now See Them Live and In Color
    Speaker: Leon Moser, North Carolina State University, on behalf of the Apparel Quality Committee, American Apparel & Footwear Association
  • 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  • Strategic Trade Factors Impacting Global Apparel Sourcing
    Speaker: Tom Travis, Travis, Sandler & Rosenberg PA
  • Analyzing Sourcing & Manufacturing Strategies
    Speaker: Jim Lovejoy, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2
  • The Truth Behind Made-to-Measure
    Speaker: Judson Early, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2
  • Unit Control in the 21st Century
    Speaker: Joseph Kofsky, Moss-Adams LLP
  • Innovating Operations Strategy - Presented in Spanish
    Speaker: Juan de Dios Villarreal, JD Villarreal Operations Management Consulting

    Schedule of AAFA Activities

    Wednesday, August 15

    10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

    AAFA Executive Committee Meeting

    10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

    AAFA Apparel Quality Committee Seminar: "You've Always Heard about Fabric and Sewing Defects - Now See Them Live and In Color."
    The Apparel Quality Committee has created a bilingual (Spanish/English) PC-compatible CD that will assist plants in identifying common fabric and sewing defects. The CD is designed to assist companies in communicating and educating companies in a bilingual environment. The CD will be available for purchase at the seminar.

    Thursday, August 16

    8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

    52nd Annual Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Breakfast Presentation
    This keynote address will be delivered by Paul Charron, chairman and CEO of Liz Claiborne Inc. He will discuss some important industry questions, such as: How will your sourcing strategy be impacted by the elimination of quotas? Will more new trade alliances affect your business? What new capabilities are important to develop in product development and full-package production? Are you harnessing the power of collaboration in our new business-to-business (B2B) environment?

    Friday, August 17

    2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

    AAFA Human Resources Committee Seminar: "Making Modular Manufacturing Work in Mexico, Central America and Cuba."
    Using case studies, this seminar will cover the critical cultural, people and business issues in making team-based manufacturing systems successful in different countries outside the United States. It will explore what steps need to be taken before and during the implementation of team-based operations in different countries. Participants will also be encouraged to share their experiences in implementing non-traditional manufacturing systems overseas.

  • Shirt Treatments
    Speaker: Charlie Taublieb, Taublieb Consulting
  • B2B E-commerce in the Sewn Products Industry
    Speaker: Robert McKee, Intentia

Thursday, August 16, 2001

10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

  • Seams and Stitches/Sewability Factors
    Speakers: Jack Nienke and Serge Levine, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2
  • Bridging the Gap: Turning Browsers into Online Buyers
    Speaker: Lori Dustin, Virtue3D
  • Importing Apparel Under US Trade Preference Programs
    Speaker: Tom Travis, Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg PA
  • Digital Supply Chain Adds New Links
    Speaker: Mike Fralix, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2
  • Simple Steps to an Efficient Warehouse Management System
    Speaker: David Linnen, Manhattan Associates Inc
  • Proper Design for Effective Incentives in Latin America - Presented in Spanish
    Speaker: Sam Chavez, Charles Gilbert Associates Inc
  • Automated Embroidery Machine Production - Presented in Spanish
    Speaker: Ernie Aguilar, Lancaster Uniform Cap and Embroidery

2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

  • Impact of Operator Training in Selection & Retention Programs
    Speaker: Richard Atwell, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2
  • Proper Labeling of Apparel & Textile Products
    Speaker: Terry Polino, Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg PA
  • Flexible Manufacturing - Presented in Spanish
    Speaker: Hugo Rubinfeld, HLR Consultores
  • Drilling Down: IT Buying & Implementation ProcessesSpeakers: Ben Gunter and Jeff Mueller, Sedlak Cross Cultural Marketing & Salesmanship
    Speaker: Natan Feldman, Natan Feldman & Associates
  • The eSupply Chain
    Speaker: Adam Patti, Threadexchange
  • Work Flow Management, Documentation for Screen Printing
    Speaker: Charlie Taublieb, Taublieb Consulting

Friday, August 17, 2001

10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

  • Boost Your Retail Sales Through Visual Merchandising
    Speaker: Natalie Gondoin, 3DVM
  • Ergonomics in the Modular Manufacturing LineSpeaker: Gloria Carter, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2
  • Strategy of Survival for CBI and Mexican Companies - Presented in Spanish
    Speaker: Patricia Medina, Aztex Trading
  • E-commerce in Latin America: The B2B Initiative
    Speaker: Jose Luis Gomez, Kurt Salmon Associates
  • Trade Exchanges & Supply Chain Management
    Speaker: Don Liles, ASOP LLC
  • Trade & Development Act - CBI & Africa
    Speaker: Brenda Jacobs, Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy
  • Successfully Managing US Customs Compliance Reviews
    Speaker: Nancy Wollin, Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg PA
  • Pricing Your Embroidery
    Speaker: Frank Gawronski, Embroidery Educational Services

2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

  • Price Drives Sales - Eliminate Costs - From Headquarters to the Shop Floor
    Speaker: Emanuel Weintraub, Emanuel Weintraub & Associates Inc
  • Designing Effective Mechanics' Training for Latin American Markets
    Speaker: Jack Nienke, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2
  • In-Plant Quality Control Systems
    Speaker: Martin Gittelman, Integrated Consulting Group
  • Putting Your Best Foot Forward with AFS and Multiple System Integration
    Speaker: Paul Fitzpatrick, Impress Software
  • Managing Sourcing and Production Relationships via the Internet
    Speaker: Alan Brooks, New Generation Computing Inc
  • Digital Marketplaces
    Speaker: Bob Fulenwider, Textile/Clothing Technology Corp [TC]2
  • Developing a Balanced Sourcing Strategy
    Speaker: Bruce Berton, Stonefield Josephson Inc
  • Utilizing High Density Inks
    Speaker: Charlie Taublieb, Taublieb Consulting