NikiTait visits one of the fastest growing clothing brands in the US. "It all started back in 1865. Backwhen we manufactured denim overalls and jackets for the nation's railroad workers. Goodand sturdy clothes, just right for the times, these were the hardy ancestors of the DuckHead brand. Next, came the humble khaki. Sporting the world's first Duck Head logo in1978, the khaki classic, easy going style was in big demand on college campuses throughoutthe south east (USA). Its unparalleled popularity started a whole new generation of DuckHeads. To be sure, the world wanted more of our unique brand of quality. Soon, there wereDuck Heads in fine retail and department stores everywhere. Comfortable, casual clothesyou could tell were cut from a higher grade of fabric. More Duck Heads. Today, there areall kinds of Duck Head pants, shirts, shorts and skirts offered in a wide variety ofstyles and colours, worn by people of all ages and all walks of life", explains themanagement of Duck Head.