Importanceof strategies for achieving goals in the near future Respondents were asked to rank the importance of various strategies in achievingtheir financial or business goals in 1998 and beyond. The key success factors for domesticmanufacturers and distributors relate to developing an effective response to conflictingconsumer and retailer demands for quality, price and service. Above all, achieving acompetitive quality/price ratio is seen as the most important factor. With increasingglobal competition, and overseas suppliers capable of competing on quality and style aswell as price, businesses need to capitalize on their existing strengths, such as theadvantage of their proximity to market, as well as developing new skills in sourcing inorder to establish an advantage. The relative importance given to sourcing as opposed toresponsiveness may vary from sector to sector and country to country, but the mostimportant issue is to have a strategy that encompasses a full range of capabilities.