Garmatex Technologies has developed a cooling fabric that regulates body temperature

Garmatex Technologies has developed a cooling fabric that regulates body temperature

Moisture management fabric technology has entered a new era as manufacturers and retailers respond to growing demand by consumers for ever greater levels of performance from their garments.

In recent years, fabric manufacturers have concentrated much of their research effort on devising high-tech methods for enhancing the moisture handling properties of their products, while also incorporating other properties such as ultraviolet (UV) protection, antimicrobial efficacy and stain resistance.

But manufacturers are now able to modify fibres at the molecular level and alter fabric constructions in order to meet specific end user requirements, according to a new report.

Garmatex Technologies, for example, has invented a new system for manufacturing synthetic textile materials which uses advanced processes to manipulate molecules in the polymers from which microfibre filaments are subsequently extruded.

In the years ahead, there will be a significant increase in the affordability, availability and choice of multifunctional garments, and this should foster continued growth in the market for moisture management fabrics.

The pace of development in moisture management technology is likely to accelerate as fabric and garment manufacturers compete to enhance the comfort properties of their product offerings.

Also, suppliers of fabrics and apparel will aim to capitalise on the advantages of biomimetic technology, nanotechnology and smart textile technology.

The use of these technologies should pave the way to the development of garments which are capable of performing a multitude of functions while keeping the wearer cool and dry.

These technologies were originally targeted at the sportswear market. However, there is huge potential for them in the casual wear market - which is substantially bigger.

The companies most likely to succeed in this expanding market will be those which are able to commercialise products that represent true innovations rather than new versions of existing products.

The report "Moisture management fabrics: key to wearer comfort" is included in Issue No 49 of Performance Apparel Markets. Click here for more information.