New RFID labels for apparel were launched at the Big Show

New RFID labels for apparel were launched at the 'Big Show'

Retail's 'Big Show', the National Retail Federation's Annual Convention & Expo, which took place in New York this week, is an annual opportunity for retailers to tap into the latest technologies for improving everything from customer analysis to inventory management. Here, we highlight some of the latest launches and developments:

  • Checkpoint Systems unveils new RFID labels 
    Checkpoint Systems has unveiled new RFID (radio-frequency identification) for four apparel categories, including footwear, to streamline source tagging. Certified by ARC, RFID Lab of Auburn University, the new labels have integrated UCODE 7 chips from NXP Semiconductors, come with optimal read/write sensitivity for accurate counting and quicker encoding, and are ideal for large-scale deployment implementations.  
  • Intel memory mirror for Neiman Marcus 
    Neiman Marcus has deployed the Intel Core i7-based Memory Mirror by MemoMi, which offers customers a side-by-side comparison of a current outfit with ones previously tried on using intuitive hand gestures. Customers can also view photos and videos of previous outfits, digitally change the colour of one, and share them with friends through social media.
  • Kiabi selects Predictix merchandising and supply chain solutions
    French apparel retailer Kiabi has chosen to implement Predictix's suite of merchandising and supply chain optimisation solutions as it continues to innovate. With more than 400 stores across Europe, the company will use the tools to gain accurate forecasts into consumer demand. 
  • Oracle Retail update 
    Oracle has updated its retail suite to enable clients to support interactions and transactions anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Oracle Retail 14.1 includes new functionality supporting optimised inventory management and aisle visibility, enhanced mobile capabilities and improved commerce integration, simplified and intuitive business user interfaces, and advanced retail science embedded throughout Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server.
  • Apex AnyWhere self-serve solutions
    Apex Supply Chain Technologies has introduced its AnyWhere self-service product-delivery solution, enabling customers to order, ship or pick up their merchandise, including fashion, from any location. The Apex Trajectory Cloud manages secure transactions, providing real-time inventory data, and integrates easily with retailers' existing systems to provide analytics and insight into buying behaviours, trends and loyalty preferences. 
  • Galleria adds Esri location intelligence
    Galleria has expanded its Behavioral Cluster Planning (BCP) 'Xtreme' solution so retailers can gain more insight into customer demands. With the addition of the Esri location intelligence, retailers will have access to competitive locational data, helping them to understand the effects on store performance, so they can better plan merchandising, marketing, and store clustering. 
  • JDA Software Group updates
    A new services offering that provides retailers with shopper segmentation and localised assortment recommendations to expand sales and increase customer satisfaction has been launched by JDA Software Group. Taking POS data and applying analytics tuned for big data, Retail.Me provides retailers with personalised knowledge of their shoppers, helping them to deliver the right product, price, and fulfilment method across all channels.

    JDA has also enhanced its Warehouse Management Solution (MWS), improving ease of use, time to deployment and warehouse productivity. The persona-based and mobile user experience provides retailers with capabilities to expedite returns tracking, routing, processing and the disposition of returns inventory to reduce the time it takes for an item to go from a return to sellable inventory, preserving profits and enabling additional opportunities to satisfy customer demand. 

  • Muji installs NCR SelfServ 90
    Japanese retailer Muji (Ryohin Keikaku Co) is to pilot NCR's new concept for self-checkout at its store in Yurakucho in a bid to attract shoppers who have a few items and pay with a credit or debit card. SelfServ 90 features a small footprint for card-only purchases to reduce waiting times and the number of shoppers who leave without buying anything.
  • Technology Solutions (UK) partners with Tyco Retail Solutions
    Tyco Retail Solutions is to support and distribute Technology Solutions' (UK) bluetooth RFID (radio-frequency identification) readers to improve real-time inventory visibility and accuracy for enhanced operational efficiencies and increased store performance. With centralised management and increased mobility, the combined retail solution allows staff to easily access data from any bluetooth wireless device.
  • TXT Retail in-memory processing
    TXT Retail unveiled an advanced version of its retail planning solution. TXTPlanning 7.0 features in-memory processing through Microsoft's SQL Server 2014, optimising real-time, interactive assortment planning with "extreme" performance on larger datasets, and increased query and analysis speeds.

    The company has also updated its PLM (product lifecycle management) and supply chain solutions. TXTPLM 5.0 has advanced mobile capabilities through HTML5, with a responsive design that provides for optimised usage, and any device accessibility. TXTChain 6.0 has been replatformed, also using HTML5, and is now available on Microsoft Azure, with benefits in terms of global accessibility, scalability and lower cost of ownership.

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