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A wealth of over 14 years of editorial experience having worked on titles for the John Lewis Partnership and the ITP Group in Dubai, Hannah joined Aroq in 2014 where she started as News Editor on Just Food before landing the role of News Editor on Just Style. Hannah enjoys covering more challenging subjects and exploring the impact of current affairs on global supply chains.

Hannah Abdulla

American Exchange Group acquires White Mountain Footwear Co

Accessories design, manufacturing and wholesaling firm American Exchange Group has acquired the White Mountain Footwear Co and says it plans to integrate and leverage “the solid structure, sourcing and manufacturing capabilities, management and execution that has made the group so successful” over the last 40 years with the Aerosoles brand it acquired last January.

EU pumps EUR17m into Fairbrics CO2-to-polyester conversion tech

Fairbrics, a sustainable chemical company, has secured an EUR22m investment which will allow it to bring its technology that converts CO2 emissions into high-value polyester to market.

Will Section 301 tariffs be lifted and what will it mean for the future of apparel, footwear and textiles?

The US apparel, footwear and retail sectors are at loggerheads with the textile industry over the impact of Section 301 tariffs which experts suggest are unlikely to be lifted by the Biden Administration as China and the US continue their power struggle.

Yesim Group aims for big energy savings through solar project at Egypt factory

Turkish textile group Yeşim has announced a solar energy investment at its Jade Textile facility in Ismalia, Egypt, which it says aims to meet 30% of the current electrical energy needs of the facility.

Sourcemap joins World Economic Forum to drive green business practices

Sourcemap, a global provider of supply chain transparency and traceability software, has joined the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community to expand sustainable business practices and provide a global perspective on intricate supply chain networks spanning today’s industries.

Hugo Boss Q4 draft results show modern reinvention paying off

Hugo Boss’ attempts to re-invent itself as a “modern and desirable brand” have paid off, industry onlookers say, with the brand exceeding its FY22 profit and revenue targets.

Third edition of Texhibition Istanbul sourcing event to focus on sustainability

More than 400 exhibitors will be present at the Texhibition Istanbul Fabric, Yarn and Textiles Accessories from 8-10 March 2023.

EU textile plants face new requirements under emissions law

Some 3000 chemical and 300 textile industry plants in the EU will have to comply with new legal norms adopted under the EU Industrial Emissions Directive to reduce their environmental impact.

Meet Bayla – The next generation of Bangladesh apparel industry leaders ready to make waves

Bayla hopes to bring the incoming young leaders in Bangladesh’s apparel sector together to propel the industry to future growth.

SAC Higg Index tool review results expected June 2023

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) says the results of its review of the Higg Index consumer-facing transparency tool will not be complete before June 2023.