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More streamlined decision-making can help revolutionise supply chainsFast Fashion – Tech tools to transform supply chains 7 November 2016

Most fast fashion brands span multiple brands, channels and countries – and technology can help revolutionise supply chains at all stages from prototype design to packing and shipping.

Leading fast fashion companies are building sustainability into their operationsFast fashion – Why sustainability adds sourcing complexity 7 November 2016

A key challenge for the fast fashion sector is to produce sustainably, with consumers increasingly aware that low prices can also mean they are promoting poor labour practices and environmental damage.

Fast fashion means planning production time and processes well in advanceFast fashion – The choice to air freight or wait 4 November 2016

While the various modes of transport available to clothing companies all offer a mix of benefits and disadvantages, experts say only use air freight if there is no other realistic option and the speed of delivery justifies its cost with high value sales.

Supply chains need to be customer centric to  be effectiveFast fashion – How to balance speed and innovation 4 November 2016

Fast fashion is all about getting product to market quickly without over-spending – and fabric platforming, data metrics and new technologies such as digital printing can all help to speed up the process.

The sharp drop in the value of the pound has already had a real impactBritish fashion industry already feeling Brexit impact 9 August 2016

One month after the UK’s Brexit referendum vote to leave the European Union (EU), the British clothing industry has been weighing up the immediate impact and trying to assess what might happen in advance of any longer-term trade solution.

Turkey's clothing and textile sector is mainly in the west of the countryBusiness as usual in Turkey despite coup crackdown 5 August 2016

Turkish security sources are advising textile and clothing manufacturers in Turkey that the country remains a safe and secure country in which to operate, despite the crackdown following the attempted coup last month. Likewise, local and international players in the apparel and textile industry are noting that business continues to run smoothly.

In 2006 the EU imposed an anti-dumping duty on leather footwear made in China and VietnamUpdate – Retailers eye refunds on EU footwear anti-dumping duties 10 February 2016

The European Commission has indicated that to just-style that it may accept a European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling against "anti-dumping" duties imposed on leather footwear made in China and Vietnam imported into the European Union (EU). The decision means there may now be claims for refunds of duties paid by retailers.

Sourcing shifts: What are the pitfalls when switching suppliers? 3 June 2015

Changing textile and other input suppliers may be fraught with difficulties, but it is key to the role of any clothing buyer. And experience and expertise is critical to help buyers avoid pitfalls when making the switch.

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