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Focus: Middle East and Africa "complex but rewarding" 3 October 2013

Valued at US$87.0bn, the Middle East and African apparel market accounted for just 5% of total global apparel value sales in 2012. Nonetheless, it was the second fastest growing region globally in 2012, following Latin America, and is a valuable area of consideration for mass and luxury fashion brands alike, according to Euromonitor International.

Australia is set to remain an area of focus for many international apparel brandsFocus: Australasia key for apparel brands going global 5 September 2013

Having long sat on fashion's sidelines, Australasia has generated significant interest of late. In particular, the region's relative resilience to the financial turmoil which has plagued much of the northern hemisphere has proved to be a key attraction for international retailers, according to Euromonitor International.

Retail modernisation meets frugality in Eastern EuropeFocus: Eastern Europe a tale of contrasting retail fates 1 August 2013

Eastern Europe was one of the world's biggest opportunities for apparel retailers in 2012. But despite the region's overall glowing prospects compared to its Western European counterpart, closer analysis by Euromonitor International highlights a marked intra-regional divergence.

The UK is expected to see positive retail sales growth in the next five yearsFocus: Western European apparel market sluggish but strategic 4 July 2013

From the home of haute couture to a hotbed for disposable fashion, Euromonitor International assesses the recent performance of the Western European apparel market.

The US is the world's largest apparel marketFocus: North America retail market rebuffs recession 31 May 2013

North America may no longer take centre stage in the global apparel market, but the recession has by no means sounded the region's curtain call, according to Euromonitor International.

The Latin American apparel market is the second most dynamic region after Asia PacificFocus: Latin America increasingly important for apparel 30 April 2013

Following last month's overview of apparel in Asia Pacific, Euromonitor International assesses the prospects and pitfalls in the next goldmine of opportunity: Latin America.

Focus: Apparel sales in Asia Pacific 27 March 2013

Apparel sales in the Asia Pacific region are continuing on a golden growth trajectory despite a slowdown in China. Domestic brands are continuing to hold their own, and foreign brands intent on making further inroads are increasingly focusing on lower-tier cities for growth.

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