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Dr Rubana Huq is the first woman to head one of Bangladesh’s biggest garment associationsBangladesh garment group's new boss has big agenda – Interview 30 August 2019

Months after taking the reins as president of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), businesswoman Dr Rubana Huq tells just-style of her priorities for the next two years – from factory safety, to exploring new markets, increasing sustainability, and promoting innovation in the world’s second largest clothing exporter.

The new guidelines insist subcontractors join either the BGMEA or the BKMEANew Bangladesh guidelines on garment subcontracting 19 July 2019

A new guideline aimed at stemming unauthorised subcontracting in Bangladesh’s textile and clothing sector will help control its "unplanned" expansion – but at a risk of increased costs and lost jobs, industry owners warn.

There are fears the Bangladesh gas price hike will push up production costsBangladesh gas price hike sparks fear among manufacturers 16 July 2019

A swingeing 32.8% hike in the average price of natural gas in Bangladesh from 1 July has stoked anger among clothing and textile manufacturers, producers and trade unions, raising concern it could damage the competitiveness of their US$34bn industry. 

Leather is Bangladesh's second-largest export-earning sector after ready-made garmentsBangladesh leather sector lags on health and safety 19 June 2019

With decent working conditions eluding Bangladesh's booming leather industry, an advocacy group has suggested forming a tripartite body involving the government, manufacturers and unions to help improve the sector's health and environmental safety standards.

Some 280 Bangladesh factories are in the process of getting LEED-certifiedGreen factories help Bangladesh get an edge over rivals 11 March 2019

The Rana Plaza tragedy pushed Bangladesh’s US$30bn clothing industry into making health and safety improvements to reassure brands they would not be tarnished by similar disasters – and now the industry is going a step further by seeking to establish a reputation for environmental excellence.

Bangladesh garment workers have rejected the latest wage proposalBangladesh RMG workers reject latest wage proposal 19 July 2018

Bangladesh's garment owners and trade unions are far apart in the fraught ongoing minimum wage negotiations, proposing pay floors that are widely divergent.

Mohammed Abdul Jabbar, managing director of DBL GroupDBL embraces digital focus to turbocharge its business – Interview 10 July 2018

The digital integration of Bangladesh’s booming textiles and garment sector is gaining pace, with ‘Industry 4.0’ becoming a watchword for increased competitiveness. One company taking such technological development very seriously is Dhaka-based DBL Group, which has targeted digital efficiencies to turbocharge its business growth – as managing director MA Jabbar explains.

Factories under the purview of the Government have until December to complete remediation workBangladesh sets safety deadline for hundreds of garment units 2 July 2018

The Bangladesh government could shut down more than 750 apparel factories if the units fail to complete safety improvement work by December this year, according to the country’s junior labour and employment minister, Mujibul Haque.

Bangladesh Alliance brand group’s mandate renewed 18 June 2018

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety has also received a renewed mandate to carry on its health and safety work.

Bangladesh eases trade union formation rules 30 May 2018

Bangladesh has eased regulations for forming trade unions at garment factories in what appears to be a bid to appease the International Labour Organization (ILO).

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