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just-style management briefing: Industry action on inappropriate children's wear 5 August 2011

Working conditions in the supply chain and environmental concerns may have been the primary CSR hotspots for the clothing sector in recent years, but this year has brought into clear relief the level of public concern over the commercialisation and sexualisation of children.

just-style management briefing: Setting up a Sustainability Index 5 August 2011

The sustainability field is often accused of spawning 'talking shops' and that is a tag no new initiative wants. The emphasis on its three clear goals, even in its earliest communications, underlines that the Sustainable Apparel Coalition is not intended to be a 'forum' for discussion but a coalition for action.

just-style management briefing: The Sustainable Apparel Coalition's collective efforts 5 August 2011

Over the past decade and more, industry associations and individual companies have launched numerous initiatives with the aim of addressing and reducing the environmental and social impacts of clothing manufacture. However, this year the clothing industry's collective effort witnessed what many hope will be a game-changing development with the formation of a new multi-stakeholder partnership.

just-style management briefing: Collaboration on social and environmental issues 5 August 2011

This year is turning out to be a significant one with regard to the corporate responsibility profile of the global clothing industry, as Ben Cooper outlines in his overview of just-style's August management briefing.

Ben Eavis heads up Sainsbury's corporate responsibility programmesSpeaking with style: Ben Eavis, Sainsbury’s 3 September 2010

Corporate sustainability is seen by sceptics as too often being 'more talk than action'. Ben Eavis, head of corporate responsibility at Sainsbury’s, spoke with Ben Cooper about how the various steering groups, reporting processes and stakeholder discussions at Sainsbury's facilitate action rather being an end in their own right.

Speaking with style: Ingrid Schullström, CSR manager, H&M 30 November 2009

H&M has a solid reputation for social and environmental responsibility, and launched a new sustainability strategy last year aimed at further embedding ethical tenets into every area of the company. But corporate social responsibility manager Ingrid Schullström believes there is potential to communicate more directly to consumers how sustainability is informing the way it does business.

Speaking with style: Mike Barry, head of sustainable business, M&S 25 September 2009

Recessions are difficult times for most retailers but Marks & Spencer (M&S) arguably has a harder time than most. Not only does it endure the leaner pickings all retailers suffer, but it does so under the glare of the media spotlight. That said, one area where it looks set to stay well ahead of the game is in the sustainability stakes, as Mike Barry, head of sustainable business at M&S, tells just-style.

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