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Subcontracting to unauthorised factories is often seen as the only possibility to turn a profit on a dealComment: Tackling the issue of subcontracting in Bangladesh 15 July 2013

Time and time again, Western apparel brands and retailers whose products are found in fire-damaged or collapsed factories say garments were being manufactured there without their knowledge. Perhaps, says Doug Miller, the time has come to look more closely at buying practices - often the root cause of sub-contracting.

Comment: Apparel costing for a living wage 23 July 2012

The vexed question of a 'living wage' continues to tax some of the major apparel retailers and brand owners. But how can a sourcing company calculate a living wage, let alone ensure its implementation? Doug Miller, Professor (Emeritus) of Worker Rights in Fashion, has some suggestions.

Comment: Why it is all about the cost of labour! 17 July 2012

It is well-known that sourcing decisions are not simply based on labour costs. But a comment piece on just-style earlier this month has prompted Doug Miller, Professor (Emeritus) of Worker Rights in Fashion, to hit back with his own analysis of the real wage cost of clothing – and what he believes is the gross undervaluation of garment assembly.

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