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Adequate threat detection means collecting data from several levels into the supply chainDetecting supply chain risk with a deep-dive crime analysis 29 April 2019

The international clothing industry must take a holistic and assertive approach to detecting and fighting threats within the supply chain, which are "changing faster than your analogue tracking processes," a military security expert has warned. Indeed, a deep-dive crime analysis could be what's needed.

Trade uncertainty is speeding the migration of US apparel sourcing from China to Vietnam and other cheaper rivalsUS brands ponder sourcing switch away from China 13 November 2018

The ongoing trade dispute between the US and China could accelerate the trend for American apparel brands to shift their sourcing away from Chinese suppliers – but any such moves will pose challenges.

Delegates were advised to: Mid-term power shift unlikely to end US-China trade war 12 November 2018

The coming change of control of the US House of Representatives from the ruling Republicans to the opposition Democrats will probably do little to stop the escalating tariff disputes between the US and China, the American fashion industry has been warned.

Each of the 11 CPTPP countries would have to agree to let the US joinUS clothing sector welcomes Trump U-turn on TPP 17 April 2018

Word from US President Donald Trump that he may reverse a long-standing position and explore the possibility of re-joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has left the fashion industry – along with much of the American business community – somewhat sceptical, while being supportive.

China has threatened to impose 25% duties on US cotton importsUS apparel sector concern over China cotton duties 5 April 2018

The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) has raised significant concerns about the risk of 25% duties being imposed on imports into China of American-produced cotton, as the latest trade row between Washington and Beijing ramps up.

US fashion sector concerned over Trump tariff proposals 8 March 2018

Representatives of the US fashion and apparel industries, along with most of the country's business community and Congressional leadership, are voicing concern about President Donald Trump's 1 March announcement that he intends to impose additional tariffs on all imports of steel and aluminium.

Concerns over terrorist attacks have left Middle East clothing exporters grappling with new US security checks
Tougher screening on US imports from Middle East 2 February 2018

Exporters of air cargo, including clothing and textiles, from five Middle Eastern countries to the United States are in the process of gearing up to comply with mandatory enhanced screening imposed by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Members of the US Senate reconvened this week after the Thanksgiving break to vote on what would be the most sweeping revisions to the US tax code since the presidency of Ronald ReaganUS apparel industry optimistic on tax reform plans 30 November 2017

With a final vote on US tax reform proposals expected this week, we take a look at why the package finally gives US textile and apparel industries something to cheer about under the Trump administration.

Companies such as Esquel are automating the problem of ever lower labour costs out of existenceSustainable sourcing driven by investors, not consumers 21 November 2017

The hold that ethical sourcing and sustainability has over the US fashion and apparel industries is being cemented more by by changing investor requirements than by consumers, a major US fashion industry conference has heard.

The US is looking increasingly isolated on trade issuesUS moves from 'America first' to 'America alone’ on trade 20 November 2017

Prospects for trade deals that have underpinned growth in American clothing and textile imports and exports appear increasingly precarious as the Trump administration passes the 300-day mark, participants at a US fashion industry summit have heard.

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