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Fatima Zohra Alaoui, director-general of Morocco's textile and clothing industry association AMITHSteering Morocco’s makers through the coronavirus crisis – Interview 21 October 2020

Fatima Alaouia-Zohra, director-general of Morocco's textile and clothing industry association AMITH, tells just-style how the Covid-19 crisis has galvanised the sector into setting a new course for the future.

Morocco's textile and clothing industry includes 1,200 companies employing 165,000 people – 27% of all industrial employmentMorocco resumes production as fashion markets re-open 24 June 2020

Morocco's clothing manufacturing sector has pivoted to making personal protective equipment to cope with the flood of cancelled orders that marked the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic – and in doing so is developing textile backward linkages that could strengthen the industry for the future.

Tunisia is one of the largest garment suppliers to the European UnionTunisia garment sector explores post-Covid recovery plan 23 June 2020

Tunisia's garment industry is exploring a post-Covid near-shoring strategy as part of a recovery plan to rethink the country’s positioning as a sourcing centre.

The factory closures and lockdown could continue well beyond any projected April end dateTunisia garment sector adds concerns over Covid-19 impact 31 March 2020

Tunisia’s textile and garment sector is warning of major commercial and humanitarian damage because of production stoppages and order cancellations resulting from the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Morocco offers short lead times of 5-7 weeks on European orders, which makes the country especially attractive for high-fashion items, which depend on short cycles and flexible capacitiesHow Morocco is redefining its role in fashion production 27 January 2020

Morocco's textile and garment industry is undergoing an intense process of redevelopment to better align with industry demands in areas from fast fashion to sustainable production.

A recent study found Tunisian jeans are the most expensive of 12 outsourcing countriesSustainability underpins Tunisia jeans sourcing success 8 July 2019

Tunisia is underpinning its success as a jeans supplier by promoting its quality specialist production that employs sustainable environmental and social practices.

The new plan aims to increase Tunisia's annual exports of clothing and textile products from EUR2.18bn in 2018 to EUR4bn by 2023Tunisia government-industry pact to push apparel growth 25 March 2019

Tunisia's textile and garment manufacturers hope that the signing of a new public/private partnership pact with the government will enable industry to meet its full potential.

Tunisia garment sector prepares for 7% wage hike 2 January 2019

The Tunisian Textile and Garment Federation (FTTH) has signed final papers agreeing a process of salary increases over the next two years with the country’s National Labour Union (UGTT).

Egypt's RMG exports have fallen from US$1.55bn in 2012 to US$1.35bn in 2015Egypt garment sector eyes ways to boost performance 18 March 2016

International brands and clothing manufacturers met in Cairo this week to discuss how to boost Egypt's overall potential as a production sourcing centre through improved labour efficiency, working conditions and personnel management.

A weakening lira and Russian sanctions are among challenges faced by Turkish manufacturersTurkey textile and clothing makers under pressure 18 December 2015

With diplomatic tensions mounting between Turkey and Russia over the downing of the Russian Su-24 jet fighter plane on 24 November, there are rising concerns that the important Turkish clothing sector could struggle as a result of these geopolitical troubles.

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