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Brexit may be a worry for many, but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to rebuild a UK based garment making industryA new model for reshoring in the UK garment industry 7 July 2017

For reshoring to succeed, factories in countries like the UK must provide customers with something they need but cannot get at any price elsewhere. A full service factory capable of producing 50-1000 pieces of a style, delivering first orders in 7 days and reorders in 5 days meets that requirement. 

H&M has proved that compliance, CSR and sustainability go hand-in-hand with colossal financial successWhat's the difference between compliance and safety? 26 May 2016

Swedish fashion retailer H&M is one of the leaders of the move to change compliance, and is at the forefront of sustainability. However, at the same time H&M appears to show no interest in the safety of workers making its products, write Emma Birnbaum and David Birnbaum. What is the difference between compliance and worker safety? they ask.

Sustainability and eco-friendly production will soon drive garment industry salesCOMMENT: Garment sector well-placed to sell sustainability 9 March 2010

The garment industry’s global supply network gives it a key role to play in leading the push towards sustainability and eco-friendly production. But the sector must work as an industry with an industry-wide organisation and an industry-wide standard if it is to avoid the errors of compliance, believes David Birnbaum.

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