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It is essential to learn how your potential new customers access information, so that you are the first supplier to come to mindHow suppliers can find new customers in these trying times 8 February 2019

Many of the apparel industry's retail stalwarts no longer have the the agility to evolve – or the volume of business to keep progressive factories and suppliers afloat. Yet there are countless new customers out there for those manufacturers ready to launch themselves into the future. It's just a case of knowing where to look, writes Emma Birnbaum. 

Science of Apparel uses scientific applications as a foundation for all of its productsScience of Apparel – a model for the industry of the future 20 March 2018

There is a growing trend that indicates the reimagining of the relationship between the customer and supplier – and also the way in which the suppliers and factories are valued, writes Emma Birnbaum. And she believes Science of Apparel sets a new standard for the future.

Primark is investing in niche markets with its sustainable cotton programmeIdeals vs Ideology in the apparel industry 31 January 2018

In the past, consumers shopped on an item-by-item basis. Today, consumer decisions are based on what conforms to their personal lifestyle goals. Here Emma Birnbaum argues that the ideals on which the new industry is constructed are in danger of devolving into a dogmatic ideology.

Consumers shop at Liberty because of the store ambience, the fabulous merchandising, the personal treatment, and mostly, because it is a lifestyle statementHow millennials (and actually, everyone) want to shop 6 June 2017

Brick and mortar companies cannot compete online. If they try, they will lose, and they will lose hard, writes Emma Birnbaum. Here she takes a closer look at why brick and mortar is not dead, but is just being mishandled.

Retailers are fuelled by the mistaken belief that consumer purchases are driven by priceLazy stores lead to limp profits – Comment 2 August 2016

Brick-and-mortar retailers are losing massive quantities of sales by dismally failing to provide an engaging shopping environment, writes Emma Birnbaum. Instead, they should be providing a seamless eexperience by creating a personalised and painless purchasing process, and providing as much product and user information as possible.

Gustin does not manufacture a single garment until the target quantity has been funded by individual customersAre you ready for the new Garment Industry 2.0? 4 January 2016

The impact of the internet is giving rise to the individual – as opposed to the mass-market – consumer, with new needs, ethics and expectations. And not surprisingly, the 'New Global Garment Industry' is already being created by, employing and selling to this individual, explains Emma Birnbaum, who adds that companies are being defined by their innovations.

Lanieri integrates Italian classic men’s tailoring with virtual shoppingCOMMENT: Cutting-edge companies focus on consumer needs 25 March 2015

Cutting-edge companies are hitting back at design and low quality stock manufactured by a faceless and perpetual assembly-line. In its place, the vanguard of the new industry is developing original and revolutionary business models.

Gustin is at the forefront of change with its focus on meeting the needs of the new fashion consumerCOMMENT: 2015: Welcome to the new fashion consumer 28 January 2015

A new fashion consumer with new values and new connectivity is redefining fashion - and the industry is responding with new business models structured around customer demand. Here new fashion consumer Emma Birnbaum writes about the new fashion consumer.

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