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Consumers stockpiled on core essential items at the start of the pandemicRetail forecasting helps planners to navigate pandemic 1 July 2020

Retail planners need an agile approach to see them through a pandemic, with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques among the tools to help make the best decisions at every stage from initial response to recovery.

US policymakers have failed to stand up for fashion retail Fashion retail and Maine lobster are in the same boat 12 June 2020

The US fashion industry, like the lobster industry, resides on the edge of a very dangerous cliff right now – each group is looking to secure financing and locate markets wherever they can be found. The only difference is that we haven't been given a "Fashion King," says Rick Helfenbein.

Considerable time and resources can be wasted trying to get colour rightHow colour can play a key role in reducing textile overdevelopment 19 May 2020

Many apparel brands struggle with overdevelopment, leading to wasted time and effort. For brands looking to overcome this, colour is an important consideration, explains Dustin Bowersox, market manager for textiles and apparel at Datacolor.

Suppliers in Bangladesh face substantial financial and practical hurdles when it comes to reopening their factoriesReopening factories safely is the next challenge – Here's how fashion brands can help 11 May 2020

Western retailers must not turn their backs on their suppliers and the millions of workers who make the goods they sell, say Dorothée Baumann-Pauly and Natasja Sheriff from the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights. Here they set out three ways fashion brands can offer practical assistance their suppliers during the Covid-19 crisis.

The Covid-19 pandemic is adding new challenges around quality inspections and auditsSocial compliance auditing during and after Covid-19 7 May 2020

Potential risks in the post-coronavirus environment are likely to make social compliance audits more important than ever, according to Randy Rankin, global client development director in the Consumer Products Testing Assurance Services practice at Eurofins.

When a retailer is declared bankrupt it has a knock-on effect on supplier factoriesSupplier crisis shows why retailer bankruptcy laws need reform 5 May 2020

In recent weeks a number of global retailers have found themselves in deep waters financially. But when a retailer is declared bankrupt, it has a detrimental knock-on effect on its supplier factories.

Taking to the cloud to boost fashion innovation 4 May 2020

Adopting PLM as a cloud service can provide a foundation for the further digitalisation of product design and development processes, enable greater innovation, drive more value from the business and support business growth, says Andrew Dalziel, senior director, Industry Strategy, Infor.

There needs to be a reassessment of the relationship between buyers and manufacturers – and a rebuilding of trust5 ways to overhaul the apparel supply chain for the future 28 April 2020

The lessons learned from the current coronavirus pandemic must lead to a complete overhaul of the global fashion supply chain if the industry is to be sustainable into the future.

The Trust Protocol will measure sustainable practices in US cotton farming and drive continuous improvement by tracking field dataSustainable development must continue – even in times of crisis 22 April 2020

On the 50th anniversary of World Earth Day, Ken Burton, executive director of the new US Cotton Trust Protocol, explains why it is so important that sustainability activity is not left behind as companies are impacted by coronavirus.

The existing payment structure within the apparel supply chain has led to a collapse in the financial security of  manufacturersApparel industry payment terms no longer fit for purpose 20 April 2020

The current global Covid-19 crisis has placed severe strain upon the apparel industry supply chain, with garment manufacturers and related ancillary industries feeling the financial effects of the global collapse in clothing retail. The crisis has also thrown into sharp focus the inadequacies of the existing system of supplier payment terms.

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