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Sustainability in clothing is top of mind for brands now, more than it has ever beenFour ways to ensure sustainable fashion is here to stay 16 February 2018

With London Fashion Week kicking off today, how can the fashion industry make sure that sustainable fashion is always in season rather than a passing fad?

India is slow in driving sustainability into its manufacturing economy as a growth strategyGaps remain in India's move towards sustainability 12 February 2018

India's textile and garment industry is making strides in ensuring ethical compliance and environmental standards in its factories. Yet gaps still exist, and filling these will be key if it is to reach its full potential, cement long-term relationships with brands, and compete more effectively in Asia.

It's time for the retail industry to place transparency at the top of its agendaWhy it's time for retail to focus on transparency 1 February 2018

The responsible sourcing tactics popular in food and drug industries are permeating into other areas of retail, including fashion and apparel, leading to a more granular form of traceability throughout the supply chain.

Sales events are becoming all-important and how they are managed can have a major impact on the bottom lineMachine learning – The intelligent way to grow margin 29 January 2018

Profits and gross margins are under pressure for fashion retailers. But could Artificial Intelligence (AI) hold the key to optimising markdowns and unlocking value in the supply chain? asks Dr Manuel Davy, founder and CEO of Vekia.

In today's supply chain, about 80% of the data needed to run a business exists outside the four walls of the enterpriseFour stages on the road to digital transformation 19 January 2018

More businesses are likely to make meaningful progress towards the goal of becoming digital enterprises in 2018. But while digital transformation pushes brands to innovate from the bottom up, change needs to begin at the top.

The status of Brexit talks, the EU's seven-year fiscal blueprint, and the Italian general election should all remain high on corporate agendasFive geopolitical issues to watch in Q1 18 January 2018

In a guest column, Matthew Elliott, a senior political advisor at UK-based investment advisory firm Shore Capital Markets, sets out the geopolitical events executives need to monitor in the opening weeks of 2018.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a hot topic in the retail supply chainTechnologies transforming key points of the supply chain 10 January 2018

Adopting new technologies has become critical in organisations across all industries to help improve process efficiency, effectiveness, and boost performance. Here are some with the potential to revolutionise key points of the apparel retail supply chain.

Tackling sexual harassment in the garment industry 8 December 2017

Recent high-profile cases involving Hollywood, the media and political figures have exposed a global crisis of workplace sexual harassment. And garment workers are among the most vulnerable, says Aruna Kashyap, a lawyer who works for Human Rights Watch.

Cotton is one of the most prolifically produced natural fibresWhy cotton is key to sustainability 7 December 2017

Attitudes to, and awareness of, ethical trading are evolving fast – with 53% of the UK population choosing to avoid buying products or services over concerns about ethical reputation. As a result, the value of all ethical spending in the UK grew to GBP38bn (US$51.19bn) in 2015.

Very few organisations currently have end-to-end visibility into their top tier suppliersWhat is driving transparency in the retail supply chain? 5 December 2017

Supply chain transparency is an urgent issue facing retail organisations today – it’s often deep down in the supply chain where the most significant brand, reputation and financial risks live. 

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