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The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) is likely to take effect in 2018 or 2019re:source monthly trade programme roundup – June 2018 27 July 2018

To tie in with the launch of re:source, the new online strategic planning tool from the team behind just-style, this is the first in a monthly round-up of updates to key free trade agreements and trade preference programmes involving the US, EU and Japan.

President Trump, farmers and the anti-gravity tariff machine 26 July 2018

On Tuesday the Trump administration sought to buy votes and silence farmers by offering them $12 billion to stop complaining about lost business due to tariffs. But while those in our industry who focus on global supply chains can easily empathise with the farmers...the difference is that the US government won't bail us out, writes Rick Helfenbein, president and CEO of the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA).

China is likely to become less and less attractive as a sourcing locationWhat does the future hold for Made in China? 29 June 2018

Trade wars between the US and China are ramping up – but China's role within the global apparel supply chain is already weakening and retailers are increasingly turning to other countries for their clothing needs. So what does the future hold for 'Made in China'?

Initiatives like CanopyStyle and Better Cotton are increasingly being adopted by companies seeking to prove to consumers they are making a differenceMaking your fashion brand more ethical and sustainable 20 June 2018

Today's consumers are increasingly concerned their purchases should be inflicting the least possible harm on the environment and societies around the globe. As a consequence, there is more pressure than ever on retailers and brands to reassure responsible consumers their products are made using raw materials from reliable sources. 

Unlocking the puzzle of speed versus costs can help to increase sales and reduce markdowns How to unlock the value of time in your supply chain 14 June 2018

A new metric has been developed to help textile and apparel supply chains evaluate the value of time in product development, merchandising and sourcing decisions. The model is aimed at brands and retailers searching for ways to increase full-price sell-through or grow profit, as Vaughn Jordan, deputy director at Cotton Council International, explains.

Shortening the fashion cycle requires companies to embark on a dramatic transformation of their processes and mind-setsFaster fashion – How to shorten the apparel calendar 29 May 2018

To get new styles into stores more quickly, fashion companies must improve internal collaboration, tap into consumer insights, and start to digitise the value chain, according to new insight from McKinsey.

Digital offers the greatest area of opportunity for fashion retailersSix ways retailers can keep up with digital trends 16 May 2018

Online fashion sales appear to be on an upward trajectory, generating GBP16.2bn (US$22bn) in 2017 and expected to jump 79% by 2022. Here we set out six areas for retailers to focus on over the next year if they want to grow their presence digitally.

The 24 April ritual – Rana Plaza’s unfinished legacy 24 April 2018

Every year on 24 April, I browse through a poignant online memorial for garment workers who died in 2013 in the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh. The website is a collection of national IDs, passport-size and other photos—a man posing with a phone, a woman against a backdrop of flowers, and appointment letters of workers. It's a strong reminder of the human cost of negligence in the garment sector.

The fashion industry has come under continued scrutiny about its sustainability and ethical practicesEco-fashion: Green is the new black 4 April 2018

With ethical consumerism on the rise, manufacturers and brands unable to meet 'green is the new black' expectations risk damaging their reputations. Weaving transparency throughout the end-to-end process is a proven path to a sustainable future.

For best results, sourcing must be seen as an activity handled harmoniously with logistics and trade complianceGlobal supply chains still missing sourcing strategy links 3 April 2018

Like the scientists and academics debating the missing link in human evolution, global supply chains are still missing "links" when it comes to their sourcing strategies, even after years of practice. In today's supply chains this is the compelling connection between sourcing and logistics.

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