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Advances in manufacturing technologies have evolved to address the demands of young consumersMillennials and Gen Z shaking up the cotton industry 6 November 2017

Changing interests and preferences among younger consumers are placing new demands on the cotton industry. As Millennials and Gen Z become avid consumers, cotton manufacturers will need to heed the demands of this large and influential group of consumers in order to stay successful.

Today's conscious consumers are concerned with getting answers to burning questionsStart preparing for the rise of the conscious consumer 23 October 2017

Consumers are starting to demand more responsibility and transparency from retailers and brands about how and where their products are made. But instead of pointing fingers, perhaps it's time that stakeholders stopped passing the blame and started working together towards improving production processes.

Some 52% of the companies in the Fortune 500 at the turn of the century are gone todayDon’t become another parable of retail’s failed past 10 October 2017

Retail's history is littered with stories about disruptive change and retailers that couldn't keep up. It's time to take a deeper look at why, and to reflect on the common practices that are holding us back from truly meaningful change.

As the retail landscape becomes more complex and challenging, the high street continues to lose out to the online giantsPreserving the high street from the online giants 5 September 2017

Today’s consumer is demanding, well-informed and technologically savvy when it comes to shopping either online or in physical shops. They expect to be impressed before parting with their hard-earned cash or they will go elsewhere. And so, it makes sense that shoppers research online before they commit to buy. Their expectations are high, which means the level of service from retailers needs to be sophisticated and convenient while delivering an engaging experience. Power is now in the hands of the consumer, so retailers must be nimble to keep up with the ever-evolving consumer demands.

The ability to apply company standards to all products has become a competitive necessityThree ways to minimise quality errors and chargebacks 30 August 2017

Communication is critical to aligning expectations on major and minor defects and producing consistently high-quality garments – and there are three key ways brands can minimise quality discrepancies, errors and chargebacks.

European brands tend to have less excess product than their counterparts in the USOff-price clothing – an accessible marketplace? 25 August 2017

The off-price clothing and footwear industry offers an important channel through which brands can liquidate their excess inventory. But why is it far less developed in the EU than it is in the US? And how can the EU off-price industry be developed into a stand-alone entity? 

There is a growing appetite for innovation-led sustainability in fashionThree ways to accelerate innovation in sustainable fashion 9 August 2017

Across the fashion industry, there is clear appetite for improved sustainability and positive change. Today, many hope to see the creation of a circular economy, through which old clothes and materials are recycled, recovered or regenerated instead of being thrown away. Industry leaders also want to see a reduction in the environmental impact caused by the manufacturing process.

If a garment is incorrectly labelled, the customer may ask for it to be reworkedFive key costs linked to poor product quality 25 July 2017

For consumer-driven, competitive apparel and footwear companies, product quality is critical. When managed well, it can improve your brand image, strengthen your consumer relationships, and reduce your operational and financial costs.

Inman Mills in South Carolina manufactures fabric developed through AFFOAWhy US innovation is vital to global value chains 21 July 2017

A report on just-style last week described as a "missed opportunity" the distribution of a Vietnam-made backpack at the launch of a new multi-million dollar initiative intended to develop US-made high-tech fabrics. But for Stephen Lamar, executive vice president at the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), the item’s value is overwhelmingly US – and reflects the way supply chains are likely to evolve in the future.

5 ways to stay agile in an on-demand economy 18 July 2017

Thanks to the digital revolution, consumers today are in control. With endless options for where to shop, when to shop, what to buy, what price to pay, and how to receive it, customer loyalty erodes each time expectations are not properly met. This article asks if on-demand manufacturing is a game changer – and sets out five ways to stay agile in an on-demand economy.

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