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Ivan Castano Freeman

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Ivan Castano Freeman reports on the fashion, textiles, apparel and luxury industries in Mexico and Latin America. In this role he has written about national and regional garment and textile export industries, labour issues, trade trends and trade shows.

Articles by Ivan Castano Freeman

Following more than a year of talks, the United States, Canada and Mexico have reached a renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)TPL, trademarks and ‘Made in USA’ come to fore in NAFTA 2.0 4 October 2018

Apparel industry executives from the US, Canada and Mexico have told just-style they are largely in favour of the terms of the renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – which will be called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

In 2017, US imports of woven cotton bottoms from the Dominican Republic fell 57% by value to $1.5m Dominican Republic falls behind on apparel exports 14 September 2018

The Dominican Republic is letting a key provision to bolster its US exports run into expiration, deepening a 12-year rout that has seen its apparel sales to the world's biggest market halve, observers say.

A 10-year plan is underway in El Salvador to boost the industry's fortunesEl Salvador exports seen surging despite regional unrest 15 August 2018

El Salvador’s garment exports are forecast to rise 6% to roughly $2.3bn this year as the US lifts demand for the country’s performance and cotton apparel, executives have told just-style.

Apparel, textiles and footwear make up the largest portion of Nicaragua's manufacturing baseNicaragua crisis could hit Central America sourcing 2 August 2018

A worsening political and social crisis in Nicaragua is having a spillover effect in Central America, where the spectre of rising violence in Guatemala and El Salvador is threatening to undermine apparel sourcing and investment in the region.

A decision is imminent on this year's minimum wage increase for Haiti's apparel workersHaiti riots spare garment sector as new wage deal looms 1 August 2018

Violent protests in Haiti last month spared the country’s $550m apparel supply chain, but industry executives are monitoring the situation ahead of a new decision on minimum wages.

A promised skills training programme has been welcomed by the textile and apparel industryMexico exports and jobs could rise with new President 30 July 2018

Mexico’s textile and apparel industry is forecasting a sharp rise in exports and jobs under the $7.5bn spending package proposed by President-elect Andres Lopez Manuel Obrador – despite ongoing uncertainty around the key North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Guatemala's Apparel Sourcing Show focuses on the apparel and textile industry in the DR-CAFTA regionGuatemala eyes export surge amid yarn investment 5 June 2018

Guatemala expects to double its apparel export growth this year amid surging US orders and investment to boost synthetic yarn production to help Central American neighbours churn out more fashionable apparel, executives told-just-style during the country's latest Apparel Sourcing Show.

Mexico still sends 90% of goods to the USUpgraded EU-Mexico pact may boost apparel exports 2 May 2018

Mexico could boost its export to the European Union (EU) under the newly expanded trade agreement between the two – but faces big challenges in lifting sales to the continent, observers say.

One key NAFTA issue that has emerged lately is border securityNAFTA border security and TPP-11 bite Mexico makers 17 April 2018

Mexico's apparel association Canaive is undergoing a management shake-up amid mounting challenges linked to NAFTA border security and the possibility that Vietnam will gain competitive strength in the fledgling Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger. Anyone with permission to access the ledger can make changes and add information. These changes are called 'blocks' and they are added to the 'chain'Can blockchain transform the apparel supply chain? 12 April 2018

Blockchain is the big buzzword in business circles at the moment, and a string of blockchains is evolving to disrupt the sourcing and retail landscape. But what is blockchain, how do these chains work and can they really revolutionise the fashion industry? Here we take a closer look.

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