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Ivan Castano Freeman

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Ivan Castano Freeman reports on the fashion, textiles, apparel and luxury industries in Mexico and Latin America. In this role he has written about national and regional garment and textile export industries, labour issues, trade trends and trade shows.

Articles by Ivan Castano Freeman

Mexico still sends 90% of goods to the USUpgraded EU-Mexico pact may boost apparel exports 2 May 2018

Mexico could boost its export to the European Union (EU) under the newly expanded trade agreement between the two – but faces big challenges in lifting sales to the continent, observers say.

One key NAFTA issue that has emerged lately is border securityNAFTA border security and TPP-11 bite Mexico makers 17 April 2018

Mexico's apparel association Canaive is undergoing a management shake-up amid mounting challenges linked to NAFTA border security and the possibility that Vietnam will gain competitive strength in the fledgling Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger. Anyone with permission to access the ledger can make changes and add information. These changes are called 'blocks' and they are added to the 'chain'Can blockchain transform the apparel supply chain? 12 April 2018

Blockchain is the big buzzword in business circles at the moment, and a string of blockchains is evolving to disrupt the sourcing and retail landscape. But what is blockchain, how do these chains work and can they really revolutionise the fashion industry? Here we take a closer look.

A trade war with China could help manufacturers in Mexico and Central AmericaTrump trade war may boost Mexico, Central America makers 28 March 2018

Apparel makers in Mexico and Central America could benefit from the US's $50bn of proposed tariff hikes on Chinese imports if retailers boost sourcing south of the border, industry experts say.

 Reports yesterday (21 March) said that Trump is willing to drop his demand that 50% of cars made in Mexico or Canada contain US partsTrump signals change of heart in NAFTA talks 22 March 2018

The US is showing a stronger willingness to speed up negotiations on the textile and apparel chapter of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as looming Mexican presidential elections could scupper talks to upend the 23-year accord, a top textiles negotiator has told just-style.

The industry in Latin America is working to understand blockchain and its benefitsLatin America makers eye blockchain and Industry 4.0 8 February 2018

Latin American apparel makers and retailers are eyeing blockchain technologies and delving into Industry 4.0 manufacturing to tackle rising contraband, slash red tape and bolster sales.

The sixth round of NAFTA talks between the US, Canada and Mexico takes place next weekMexican makers work to lift exports amid NAFTA threat 18 January 2018

The future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) may be under threat, but Mexican textile and apparel makers continue to take a "no pasa nada" [nothing's the matter] approach to the looming risk that the treaty will end.

Rising US demand is helping lift exports for Central American countries such as GuatemalaCentral America apparel exports up on activewear and NAFTA 29 November 2017

Central American apparel exports are on the up thanks to rising US demand for high-performance synthetic activewear and ongoing uncertainty over Mexico's position in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The volume of apparel exports from Mexico to the US has fallen 6% in the first eight months of this yearSupply chain spared in recent Mexico earthquakes 6 October 2017

Hundreds of garment workers are thought to have perished when two textile factories collapsed in last month's earthquake near Mexico City, adding to the woes already facing Mexico's apparel makers.

The last time the Haitian government increased the minimum wage was in May 2014Haiti garment industry says union wage claims unrealistic – Update 3 August 2017

Haiti’s garment industry has struck back at demands by workers’ unions for additional salary increases after the government approved a 16% minimum wage hike last week, saying that they are insensible and that negotiations are closed.

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