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Beijing's 'One Belt One Road' initiative currently incorporates more than 70 countries, including ChinaChina set to strengthen Belt & Road textile reach 2 December 2019

The Chinese government has started to double down on driving increased Chinese investment in the textile industry in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries, notably in Central Asia.

Stronger regional ties will support China's domestic and export productionChina eyes stronger textile and apparel ties in Southeast Asia 12 November 2019

China’s state textile planners are strengthening ties with Mekong River countries within Southeast Asia in the textile and apparel sectors. The move contradicts assumptions that the Chinese government wants to oppose the exodus of domestic producers to this region.

Vietnam government projections are that local fabric production should meet 45% of demand in 2020 and 65% in 2025Vietnam misses key targets of textile-garment plan 11 November 2019

Eleven years after Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade approved its textile and garment industry development strategy for 2010-2020, the availability of domestically-made textile inputs remains a major problem that continues to hinder clothing manufacturers in the country.

The draft outlines a reduction of working hours from 48 hours per week to 44 hoursVietnam labour code change shrouded in uncertainty 25 September 2019

Vietnam’s garment-makers have been worrying that a draft revised Labour Code will reduce their competitiveness – but four months after the draft was published there remains a strong chance it will never be enshrined into law.

Apparel and clothing accessories exports from the Philippines dropped 8.7% in the first half of the year to just US$434.6mLack of action weighs on Philippines clothing industry 11 September 2019

Clothing industry sources in the Philippines say their country is one of the few that has not seen a boost in garment export orders as a result of the US-China trade war – despite the government's plan to boost local manufacturing capacity.

China upstream textile producers may face a demand drought as the US trade war intensifiesChina textile production hikes up ahead of US tariffs 6 August 2019

Chinese upstream yarn and fibre producers are ramping up production as fears grow that the trade war with the US will hurt exports of apparel and other textile products. 

Under CPTPP, customs duties on 95% of trade in goods will be removed, including all textiles and apparel Vietnam seeks to boost fabric production for CPTPP orders 31 May 2019

Vietnam is seeking to boost fabric production so that its domestic garment makers can prosper from the "yarn-forward" rules of origin under the CPTPP trade deal.

The new tax is based on the actual amount of discharge of pollutants to provide an incentive to cut pollutionChina's eco-tax reins in polluting textile manufacturers 18 March 2019

The introduction of an environmental protection tax in China just over a year ago has pushed up the price of textiles produced in the country – thereby increasing costs for Chinese clothing manufacturers, experts have told just-style.

Cambodia's new minimum monthly wage of US$182 took effect on 1 January this yearMinimum wage rises squeeze Southeast Asia sourcing 25 February 2019

Changes in minimum wage rates are likely to be of significant concern to apparel brands and retailers sourcing from Southeast Asia in 2019, with pay in many countries continuing on an upward trajectory.

Support from Taiwan, and mainland China, is badly needed in Myanmar – especially in building backward linkagesMyanmar looks to Taiwan to help build vertical industry 29 January 2019

Myanmar is counting on investors from Taiwan to support the country with capacity building and technical assistance – including in textile and garment production – even as its beneficial trade access to the European Union (EU) is under review.

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