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Garment exports from the Philippines were up 7.1% year-on-year this AugustPhilippines exports reawakening from decade-long sleep 5 November 2018

The Philippines' latest national trade data suggests a recent slump may be over for the southeast Asian country's troubled garment export sector thanks to a surge in the number of foreign investors shifting production from China to avoid the additional US tariffs. 

The Philippines is a key target as Chinese investors seek possible relocationsPhilippines eyes shift in Chinese garment investment 26 September 2018

Signs are emerging of an accelerating relocation of garment investment from China to the Philippines, amidst the US imposing an additional 10% duty on textile and some clothing products from China.

Adopting automation key for Vietnam manufacturers 15 June 2018

Vietnam-based garment-makers should embrace technology-driven automation to address the new realities of accelerating wage growth and the global shift towards placing smaller orders.

Vietnam textile projects delayed over pollution fears 29 May 2018

Concerns that Vietnam’s local governments are not licensing textile and dyeing projects over pollution fears may prevent the country from taking full advantage of the CPTPP trade deal, an industry association has warned.

Cambodia's duty-free access to the EU market is of critical importance to its garment making industryEU ups pressure on Cambodia over rights abuses 15 March 2018

The European Union (EU) has fired a warning shot over Cambodia’s bows over concerns about declining democratic and human rights, and the rule of law in this key clothing exporter.

Vietnam wants to shift its clothing manufacturing sector from its current low-cost model to an added value sectorVietnam garment sector prepares for shift to value added 4 September 2017

The Vietnamese government has said it wants to shift the country's clothing manufacturing sector from its current low-cost model to an added value sector that includes design and branding.

Asian apparel suppliers to the US have good reason to be on edgeTrump trade plans spell trouble for Asia apparel sourcing 3 February 2017

As US President Donald Trump has been wasting no time carrying out his campaign pledges to undo long-standing American trade ties, the Asian apparel industry and the US retailers it supplies have ample reasons to be on edge.

A slower rise in Vietnam wages is one of the benefits seen now that the TPP is deadBusiness as usual for Vietnam sourcing without TPP 12 December 2016

Vietnam's clothing and textile industry has been assessing the impact of losing a huge anticipated garment export boost under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) now that US president-elect Donald Trump has promised to sign an executive order pulling out of the 12-nation trade deal.

Temporary shutdowns are expected in Zhejiang printing and dyeing plantsG20 clean-up to disrupt China textile supply chain 3 August 2016

China’s clothing manufacturing sector is bracing itself for interruptions in fibre, dyed fabric and finishing supplies as regulators temporarily close textile mills to reduce pollution during the upcoming G20 Summit.

Opportunities are opening up in Iran after the US and EU lifted economic sanctions earlier this yearIran secures major South Korean textile investment pledge 6 June 2016

South Korean spandex-manufacturer TK Chemical Corp, an affiliate of the SM Group conglomerate, has confirmed to just-style that it will build a 10,000-tonne-a-year spandex plant with an initial investment of KRW80bn (US$69m) in Iran.

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