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Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon, Burma. By Jen Swanson.Burma's clothing industry has a hard road ahead 7 June 2012

The clothing industry in Burma (Myanmar) looks set to grow as the country once shunned by the West starts to reform. But there is still a long way to go if it is to become the new Asian outsourcer of choice.

THAILAND: Floods threaten garment production 20 October 2011

The secretary general of the Thai Garment Manufacturers Association has told just-style that the flooding in and around Thailand's capital Bangkok has hit at least four large clothing factories, while the country waits to see if protective walls surrounding the city hold.

just-style management briefing: International sizing standards expand 1 September 2011

While the goal for many clothing manufacturers and brands is to gain an international presence, there is a key risk associated with selling the same designs in different global markets - the more far and wide that clothing designs go, the more shapes and sizes they must come in.

just-style management briefing: Sizing a growing population 1 September 2011

It is a no-brainer that factors such as age, diet culture, and exercise all contribute to a person's size; yet sizing research over the years shows there is a link between how tall or wide a person is and the decade of their formative years.

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