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Kendall Keough and Dr Sheng Lu

Articles by Kendall Keough and Dr Sheng Lu

Apparel-specific rules of origin might make or break the US-Kenya trade dealUS-Kenya trade deal – Here's what the apparel industry wants 28 May 2020

As more details emerge on the proposed US-Kenya Free Trade Agreement, Kendall Keough and Sheng Lu from the University of Delaware look at various industry views on the pact – and why apparel-specific provisions are the focal point of the debate.

The value of US textile and apparel production totalled US$28.1bn in 2018 – a record high since 2010'Made in the USA' textiles and apparel – Key production and export trends 29 April 2020

'Made in the USA' textiles and apparel have attracted growing attention in recent years amid the escalating US-China trade war, the rising cost of imports, and consumers' increasing demand for speed to market. But where are these mills based, what are their production and supply chain strategies, and the key export trends? Kendall Keough and Dr Sheng Lu from the University of Delaware take a look at the data.

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