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Leonie Barrie joined just-style as managing editor 17 years ago, and during that time has been instrumental in steering the site's editorial content and direction. Under her leadership, just-style has raised its profile internationally, and today boasts a team of contributors around the world who provide a unique blend of up-to-the-minute news, research and analysis on the apparel and footwear industry and its supply chain.

An experienced business journalist with a background in fashion and textiles, Leonie has written extensively about global sourcing and production, technology, emerging markets, as well as retail, brand and marketing strategies. She has also interviewed industry leaders across the globe. As managing editor Leonie has travelled around the world to gain first-hand experience of the industry in various countries, and continues to deliver keynote speeches, chair roundtable and panel sessions at conferences, and write about the international apparel industry and the challenges and opportunities it faces. 

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just-style editor Leonie Barrie shares her thoughts on some of the top stories in the news.

Articles by Leonie Barrie

Rhone selects cloud PLM and SCM platforms 20 June 2018

Men's activewear and lifestyle brand Rhone is turning to cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) and supply chain management (SCM) solutions to help expand its line with more efficiency and speed as the company continues its exponential growth.

President Trump is threatening tariffs on an additional $200 billion in Chinese goodsTrump threatens China with new $200bn import tariffs 19 June 2018

The US has escalated its trade threats to China after President Trump said he is considering tariffs on an additional $200bn of Chinese goods if China "refuses to change its practices."

Myanmar’s minimum wage remains the lowest in Southeast AsiaResearchers study impact of Myanmar minimum wage rise 19 June 2018

As part of an ongoing programme to improve labour conditions in the garment industry, a European multi-stakeholder initiative has started a research project on living wages in Myanmar.

Relief as US takes China textile machinery off new tariff list 15 June 2018

The Trump administration today (15 June) released a list of products imported from China that will be hit with an additional 25% tariff – but to the relief of US industry has removed most of the equipment and machinery used in domestic textile, apparel, and footwear manufacturing that had been originally proposed.

Nike and Adidas accused of foul play on worker wages 11 June 2018

Ahead of the FIFA World Cup football tournament that kicks off later this week, major sponsors Adidas and Nike are accused of paying poverty wages to supply chain workers who make the football shirts and boots worn by players and supporters.

Five popular IoT strategies being adopted by retailers 11 June 2018

UK software vendor Detego says retailers are increasingly using connected technologies like RFID tags, digital assistants or chatbots to give merchandise a digital presence that can be closely monitored and analysed.

Pacific Alliance holds trade talks with four countries 11 June 2018

The fourth and latest round of talks to integrate Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore into the Pacific Alliance free trade area has continued to make progress, with the aim of bringing negotiations to a close later this year.

More than 200 textile machinery manufacturers have shared details of international shipments in 2017Machinery trends confirm China's textile leadership 8 June 2018

China looks set to continue its dominance of the global textile industry, with new data showing the country remained by far the world’s largest investor in spinning, texturing, weaving and knitting machinery last year.

Indian fashion executives have joined the fight against plastic pollutionIndian fashion leaders fight back against plastic 8 June 2018

A growing awareness of the worldwide problem of plastic pollution has spurred fashion and retail leaders in India to initiate a pledge to cut plastic use in their businesses.

US retailers welcome Congressional move to rein in tariffs 7 June 2018

Bipartisan legislation was introduced yesterday (6 June) in a bid to rein in tariffs imposed by President Trump or any future administrations in the name of national security.

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