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With more than 25 years of management consulting experience and a stable of blue chip retail and brand clients, Malcolm is able to relate immediately to management's concerns on profitability and competitiveness, business strategy and supply chain management. As a supply chain management specialist, his areas of expertise include seasonal merchandise planning, sourcing and logistics, physical distribution and fashion IT systems.

Articles by Malcolm Newbery

Business Transformation has to mean Business Transformation – How to move beyond the buzzword 10 December 2019

'Business Transformation' is a current buzzword not thought through carefully by many who use the term. If this is to be more than just internal cost cutting and wishful top line improvements, it has to mean "stop doing the things the company does badly and loses money on," writes Malcolm Newbery.

There are various cost cutting options available to fashion businessesHow to cut costs in a fashion business – Who decides and where? 13 November 2019

No one enjoys implementing cost cuts. They are an admission that the business has got out of control. But many of us have had to do it at some time or another, writes Malcolm Newbery, who explains some of the methods and tools used to decide – and then take – unpleasant actions.

Benchmarks provide a powerful tool for assessing why a business is succeeding – or notProfitability benchmarking for fashion management 8 October 2019

This is the first of a series of three in-depth articles focusing on how a fashion company can convince external stakeholders (investors or banks) and indeed itself (directors, management and staff) that the targets set out in budgets and range plans are both fair and achievable.

London-based Fashion-Enter is currently investing in expanding its production capacityRe-shoring – Has its time finally arrived? 10 April 2019

Cost and time are the two big factors influencing off-shore versus domestic sourcing decisions. But other issues also come into play, such as ethics, sustainability, and patriotism. Here industry consultant Malcolm Newbery weighs up the arguments for and against, with a look at two companies in the US and UK who are surviving and prospering from re-shoring.

Managing quality control (QC) is one of the additional services suppliers can handleCalculating the cost benefits of supplier value added services 9 January 2019

As brand and own-label customers continuously try to lower their costs – often pushing them back up the supply chain to the supplier – industry consultant Malcolm Newbery offers advice on how manufacturers can fight back by adding value, and how to quantify the cost and benefits of each additional service.

Different sourcing regions have different skills in providing garments to what is, in reality, four marketsSourcing decision making – Why low cost alone is not the answer 13 December 2018

How to build your own Balanced Scorecard, for your own business circumstances, and your own product categories with help from re:source by just-style.

Consumers now expect a seamless experience across multiple channels such as stores, online, mobile and cataloguesPricing, sourcing and stock control in a multi-channel world 7 November 2018

No one can deny that the fashion industry is now operating in a multi-channel world. But when it comes to managing this approach, it seems there is no unanimity of best practice – and often no best practice at all – on the three key issues of multi-channel pricing, sourcing and stock control. Malcolm Newbery unravels some of the complexities.

Apparel exports by country, category, gender, construction and fabric can all be analysed using re:source by just-styleHow to make informed decisions on sourcing strategy – it's easier than you think 2 November 2018

Developing informed sourcing decisions can be a laborious and time-consuming process. Here we show how re:source by just-style can be used to quickly analyse five of the biggest low cost exporter countries as a starting point to setting a future sourcing strategy.

A balanced scorecard approach lookd at the concept of total sourcing decision makingHow to build a balanced apparel sourcing strategy 10 September 2018

A balanced scorecard approach is key to helping supply chain managers make the best decisions around where in the world their garments are made, based on at least 10 factors ranging from cost to speed to market. Here, industry consultant Malcolm Newbery offers advice on how to achieve a balanced sourcing strategy.

Being prepared as a negotiator can mean coping with being unprepared as a sourcing managerSuccessful price negotiation in global apparel sourcing 16 August 2018

Price negotiation is a critical, and often stressful, aspect of apparel sourcing – but it is also integral to the health of any brand's bottom line, so getting it right is crucial. Here industry consultant Malcolm Newbery offers some key tips in negotiation tactics.

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