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Inventory is the biggest expense in an apparel retail businessHow planning is key to an effective inventory strategy 1 December 2016

Keeping track of inventory can make or break a fashion brand, and experts say there are several solutions to achieving this in an effective manner. 

Falling hide prices could open up new possibilities for designers and clothing brandsLow leather prices an opportunity for apparel brands 16 September 2016

The next few years should be a peak time for clothing brands to make use of leather. The high quality niche product has seen its market evolve as a result of the growth in synthetic fibres, but with prices sitting low, now is the time to buy, experts say.

Despite strong demand, wool production globally is decreasingWhat does the future hold for world wool supply? 16 September 2016

Wool may be a small market compared to other fibres such as cotton or synthetics, accounting for around 3-5% of worldwide fibre consumption, but its use could open market opportunities for brands.

Synthetic fibres can be engineered to offer specific properties and design flexibilityWhy synthetic fibres are a safe bet for the future 15 September 2016

Synthetic fibres have seen a surge in popularity as global oil prices decline, and this growth is set to continue – making the next decade a perfect time for clothing brands to incorporate these materials into their products.

The main producers of cotton are India, China, the US, Pakistan and BrazilUnravelling the challenges of cotton supply and demand 13 September 2016

Cotton may be one of the most popular fibres for clothing and accessories because of its universality, timelessness, and availability – but the fibre is not immune to volatile economic markets.

There are two sides to sustainability: the environment and workersSustainable sourcing – How to set up a sustainable supply chain 5 July 2016

Setting up a sustainable supply chain to produce ethically and environmentally-friendly clothing is not a simple task, experts warn. Indeed, they say producing sustainable clothing requires action and a change of mindset.

'Buy local' does not apply to sustainable clothingSustainable sourcing – Are shorter supply chains key to sustainability? 5 July 2016

Finding environmentally-friendly fabrics and ethical manufacturers can be an overwhelming challenge for clothing companies entering the sustainable product market for the first time.

Fast fashion contradicts a sustainable philosophySustainable sourcing – Is fast fashion at odds with sustainability? 5 July 2016

The design of sustainable clothing poses many additional challenges compared with conventional products, from restrictions in fibres to product designs and manufacturing processes. But the biggest hurdle to overcome is keeping up with changing trends at the same time.

Melinda Looi’s 3D printed full-length gown was printed in a single part before being finished with colour dye and over 5000 Swarovski crystalsTECHNOLOGY: 3D printing gears up for fashion industry change 16 April 2015

The organiser of a 3D print fashion show in New York has told just-style there will be major changes in fashion industry supply chain because of this new technology.

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