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Vietnam Buyer beware – Vietnam sourcing is not the same as China 27 September 2019

US clothing brands and retailers mulling a sourcing switch to Vietnam to avoid the ongoing tariff war with China need to sharpen up – because doing business with Vietnamese trading partners is very different from working with Chinese suppliers.

Chinese suppliers are already working with US brands to share the tariff burdenChina apparel makers well prepared for US trade war 21 August 2019

The intensifying trade war between the US and China is proving to be an opportunity for some larger Chinese clothing manufacturing firms who have been building capacity overseas, notably in Southeast Asia – especially Vietnam.

O'Meara is responsibile for overseeing the growth of VF's brands across Asia and the PacificSpeaking with style: Aidan O'Meara, president, VF Asia Pacific 18 August 2011

The easing of cotton costs this year has lifted the price pressure on major brands, according to VF Asia Pacific president Aidan O'Meara. And he tells just-style that the stellar growth of VF's brands across the region is continuing apace, offsetting headwinds that include increased competition, rising wages, inflation, and a more challenging Chinese economic outlook.

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