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Alternative funding models offer additional flexibility to ethical companiesSustainable sourcing – Financing the ethical supply chain 5 July 2016

To deliver on real sustainability goals, ethical brands must look for smart business and financing models that are as radically different from the mainstream industry as their ethical products.

What the Paris climate deal means for clothing 17 December 2015

The global clothing industry should engage with the new Paris climate change deal, say experts, who warn that a warming planet imperils not only the raw materials the industry needs but also poses an existential threat to the sector's prevailing business model.

H&M is praised for its efforts in closed loop technology and recyclingFibres and fabrics: Closed loop continues to create challenges 6 October 2015

The concept of the closed loop – where a fabric is taken back mechanically to its original fibres and re-used – remains a key goal for the clothing and textile industry that presents a range of technical challenges.

There is a global push to raise sustainability levelsSustainability: Collaboration across global and regional schemes 3 July 2015

International and regional schemes offer increasingly collaborative platforms to promote sustainability in textiles and apparel.

Green garments: Groundswell in green branding 4 August 2014

Many textile brands now make claims of operating with varying levels of environmentally mindful or sustainable practices. But while green branding has its pitfalls, companies could be braver in eco-marketing.

It's still difficult to have a closed loop into the futureGreen garments: The closed loop is getting closer 4 August 2014

The concept of closed loop supply chains sounds a laudable ideal: a virtuous circle of production from cradle - not to grave - but back to cradle again.

The apparel and textile industry is continuing to move towards a more sustainable supply chainGreen garments: Industry initiatives abound 4 August 2014

In the past year, several developments - both new and built on previous initiatives - have emerged, suggesting the apparel and textile industry is continuing to move towards a more sustainable supply chain.

Green garments: Closed loop supply chains hard to achieve 2 August 2013

The concept of closed loop supply chains sounds a laudable, if possibly Utopian ideal: a virtuous circle of production from cradle to grave and back to cradle again. However, the reality is proving harder to achieve for the clothing and textile sector.

Green garments: Brands clean up their toxic chemical use 2 August 2013

Environmental concerns focus on a range of pollutants in that water, from pesticides on cotton fields to dust storms caused by overgrazing in Inner Mongolia by cashmere goats.

Green garments: Eco-labels - good or greenwash? 2 August 2013

The challenges of working out whether textiles are sourced, produced or manufactured ethically are magnified by the plethora of eco-labelling schemes that apply to the industry.

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