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South Korea's SAE-A Trading is the largest employer in Haiti's clothing sectorAsian-owned factories help grow Haiti garment sector 22 November 2018

By this time next year, there could be as many as 30 garment manufacturing factories that are owned and operated by Asia-based companies in Haiti, according to Georges Sassine, president of the Association des Industries d'Haïti (ADIH).

The ILO will be monitoring developments to ensure the new minimum wage is met by factory ownersHaiti garment workers set to protest over new minimum wage – Update 14 November 2018

Haitian garment sector workers are set to take part in a massive demonstration organised by unions tomorrow (18 November) to show their dissatisfaction with the minimum wage increase.

Haitian garment factory owners say the sector can employ as many as 300,000 workers by 2026Haiti garment makers hopeful on future expansion 12 September 2018

Garment manufacturing industry insiders in Haiti are optimistic that the sector can continue expanding in size, as long as the Caribbean country's government delivers economic and social stability.

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