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Fast fashion: Accurate information is key to success 6 October 2014

While speed is, of course, an important part of the fast fashion process, a shorter timeframe between garment design and point of sale does not necessarily mean a larger margin of errors.

Fast fashion: The choice to air freight, or wait 6 October 2014

As its name suggests, the lifeblood of the fast fashion industry is, largely, speed to market - meaning that in many cases, traditional, weeks-long methods of shipping garments via sea or truck are no longer making the grade.

2012: A year in review - The unusual and unpredictable 14 December 2012

From toxic T-shirts to virtual fitting rooms, defamatory garments and compostable shoes, the clothing and textiles industry in 2012 was anything but dull.

2012: A year in review - Sourcing winners and losers 14 December 2012

Textile-making countries came up against a range of labour, economic and environmental issues in 2012, including the worsening Eurozone crisis which dampened demand in key export markets. While some struggled to cope, others became increasingly competitive as exports rose.

2012: A year in review - Manufacturing winners and losers 14 December 2012

Weak consumer spending, difficulties in securing credit, competition from China and the Far East resulted in factory closures and subsequent layoffs in 2012. But ramping up labour and sustainability standards, eco-friendly production technologies, cost cutting and efficiency improvements saved others from significant losses.

2012: A year in review - Retail winners and losers 14 December 2012

Faced with continuing challenging trading conditions in 2012, retailers responded with a number of different strategies to try to grow their businesses. International expansion, new and larger format stores, revamped product lines and sustainability initiatives were the chosen route for some, while others were forced to lay off workers to cut costs.

Luxury fibres and fabrics: Suppliers’ sourcing shifts 1 November 2012

Despite the challenging global economic climate, demand in the luxury sector continues to remain unscathed, with high-end apparel consumers not willing to compromise on quality.

Luxury fibres and fabrics: Challenges and opportunities 1 November 2012

Clothing labels worldwide are usually a standard read, with fibre names such as 'cotton,' 'nylon' and 'polyester' remaining constant from season to season. But when it comes to luxury textiles, there seem to be more evolving trends in terms of fibres used - along with more dynamic changes in supply and demand.

just-style management briefing: Outsourcing with the BRIC countries 1 October 2012

Outsourcing textile and apparel production is a necessary step along the supply chain for many large international brands which, more often than not, have long-standing relationships with manufacturers abroad.

just-style management briefing: Retailers hail benefits of new label technologies 3 September 2012

Major clothing retailers are benefiting in significant ways from the new data collection and management options offered by new technology in labels, especially regarding radio frequency identification (RFID) tags.

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