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Beijing's 'One Belt One Road' initiative currently incorporates 71 countries, including ChinaIs China’s ‘Belt and Road’ a double-edged sword for Turkey? 30 January 2019

China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been touted by Beijing as a 'win-win' for all involved in the sprawling infrastructure project that connects the Far East with Europe – but experts warn Turkey's textile and garment sector needs to play smart in weighing up the risks and opportunities.

Egypt plans to attract 40 to 50 textile companies to a new textile parkChinese clothing firms target Egypt to avoid Trump tariffs 8 January 2019

A free trade zone system in Egypt that links businesses with Israeli suppliers is being targeted by Chinese clothing companies wanting to access the US, amid fears an accelerating Trump trade war risks exports through standard channels.

Egypt is the continent's largest clothing and textile producer, with US$1.6bn in garment exports forecast for this yearUS-China trade war could accelerate Africa sourcing 26 November 2018

While North Africa accounts for more than US$10bn of the continent's US$13.54bn in clothing and textile exports, the much discussed potential of sub-Saharan Africa as the world's next sourcing hub is starting to materialise, an industry conference has been told.

One of the new hubs will focus on making leather shoes, garments and belts for exportEgypt plots US$1bn leather export expansion 30 November 2017

As part of a bid to boost Egypt's leather exports by 80% to reach US$1bn by 2020, the government has committed to modernise the sector and develop two dedicated manufacturing hubs – one of which will be geared to export markets.

Egypt has more than 1,500 garment factories, and exports are expected to reach US$1.4bn this yearSurge in Egyptian clothing production and exports 24 November 2017

With greater political and economic stability returning to Egypt nearly seven years after the uprising that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak, the country's garment exports are rebounding.

African governments are giving serious attention to the continent's apparel sourcing opportunities, according to attendees at the recent Destination Africa eventAfrica waking up to apparel sourcing opportunities 23 November 2017

African governments are waking up to the fact that the continent could be a 'new frontier' for garment sourcing, export associations and manufacturers have told just-style.

African clothing sector eyes growth on rising China costs 16 November 2017

African clothing exporting countries are banking on rising costs in China and changing consumption patterns worldwide to attract buyers to the continent to take advantage of lower production costs.

The EU has relaxed trade rules with Jordan in a bid to create jobs for Syrian refugeesJordan exporters unhappy at EU refugee-linked deal 1 September 2016

Jordanian clothing exporters are unhappy that the European Union (EU) has insisted their workforces comprise a minimum 15% of Syrian refugees (rising to 25% in three years’ time) to benefit from special access to EU markets through the generalised scheme of preferences (GSP).

Garment exports to the US from Egypt are traded duty-free from Qualifying Industrial Zones (QIZs)Egypt clothing exporters find way round air cargo ban 11 January 2016

Egyptian clothing companies that were restricted from using air cargo for exports to North America are getting around the ban.

Around 90% of Jordan's apparel exports are to the United StatesJordan garment sector strong despite regional unrest 19 November 2015

Jordan's US$1.34bn garment sector continues to expand despite the turmoil in much of the Middle East, with growth forecast at 10% in 2015. Yet while the industry is growing, jeans manufacturers have been complaining about water shortages and rising costs.

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