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India's ready-made-garment exports fell 3% to US$16.18bn in the fiscal year ending March 2019New India government likely to review minimum wage 26 June 2019

India's new Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government is planning to increase the country's minimum wage rates – a move that could damage the current cost advantages enjoyed of Indian apparel exporters an industry body has warned.

New tax benefits for India's garment exporters should help it to score more international ordersTax breaks for India garment exporters should boost global orders 15 May 2019

New tax benefits for India's garment exporters should help it to score more international orders, according to the country's apparel industry associations.

Tanneries have been ordered to properly treat liquid waste from production units before releasing it into sewersIndian leather producers face new regulatory threat 20 July 2017

Leather exporters in the north Indian production hub of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh are facing closure of their tanneries over environmental concerns – on top of existing challenges that include trying to overcome the shortage of raw hides and loss of business to Brazilian companies.

Over 70,000 of India's textile workers strike ahead of GST 28 June 2017

More than 70,000 synthetic textile traders in India’s textile hub of Surat, Gujarat, are on a five-day strike until 30 June, to protest against the country’s new Goods and Services Tax (GST) system, which comes into force on Saturday (1 July).

India's blanket ban on bovine slaughter threatens the country's leather marketIndia ban on cattle trade hurts leather sourcing sector 5 June 2017

A sudden shortage of leather in India, prompted by government religious policies on reducing cattle-related trades, is forcing major fashion brands to look for alternative sourcing destinations.

$3bn worth of additional exports could be generated in India's apparel, leather and footwear sectorsIndia apparel sector assured of Government support 6 February 2017

India's textile and apparel industry is banking on informal assurances of increased central government support, after it was largely ignored in this month's formal announcement of the national budget.

The Indian government decided almost without warning to phase out 500 and 1000 rupee notes to counter terrorism and the black market economyIndia cash demonetisation hits clothing sector hard 9 December 2016

India's domestic clothing industry has suffered a drastic slump in demand and production following the central government's sudden decision last month to withdraw high denomination currency notes accounting for around 86% of the total cash in the economy.

New Indian labour reforms that will enable factories to take on temporary workers for core clothing workIndia sets out long-overdue clothing sector labour reform 27 June 2016

Indian garment exporters have widely welcomed a series of financial and labour reforms announced by the government last week to generate 10m jobs and boost exports by $30bn over three years.

India apparel firms upset at 2% excise duty 2 March 2016

Branded garments in India are set to become more expensive following a decision by the central government to impose a 2% excise duty on clothing and textile retail items costing more than INR1,000 (US$14.74).

Pakistan accounted for 70.1% of the EU's imports under the GSP+ scheme in 2014Supplier countries keen to use or improve EU GSP+ status 18 February 2016

Special trade access to developed countries is always a boon to emerging market suppliers, and the European Union's (EU) GSP+ system is especially sought after and – according to a recent European Commission report – widely utilised.

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