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Indian exporters continue to struggle with severe labour shortages after workers returned to their traditional village homesWorker shortages continue to weigh on India clothing sector 7 September 2020

Indian apparel exporters continue to face severe labour shortages, limiting the orders they can accept and undermining the quality of their work – even though the country's five months-long Covid-19 related lockdown has largely been lifted. 

Delays on key garment inputs from China are adding to difficulties for Indian manufacturersIndia apparel exporters hit by China supply chain delays 3 July 2020

Indian apparel exporters are fearing missed deadlines, with key inputs from China having either been stuck at Indian customs for the past 10 days or not shipped at all following military tensions between the two neighbours.

India is thought to have been hit by US$3bn in order cancellations and delays during the coronavirus pandemicIndia apparel exporters face worker shortages as orders resume 15 June 2020

Export-oriented Indian garment manufacturers emerging from lockdown are struggling to fulfil new orders due to severe labour shortages caused by the continuing migration of workers to their traditional village homes. 

The Indian government first imposed a Covid-19 lockdown on 24 MarchIndia faces challenges restarting clothing production 12 May 2020

An Indian clothing supplier to international brands has told just-style of the challenges it faces as it starts to emerge from the near complete lockdown that prevented work being completed on summer collections.

International buyers have already dumped orders, say factory ownersIndia lockdown of little impact as orders already cancelled 27 March 2020

The three-week lockdown ordered by the Indian government from Wednesday (25 March) to contain the spread of the coronavirus will have a limited impact on apparel exporters because production is already largely halted by a wave of order cancellations.

India's clothing sector has broadly welcomed support for the industry in the new central government budgetIndia budget a mixed bag for textile and clothing sector 6 February 2020

Indian clothing and textile manufacturers have welcomed a series of policy changes announced in the central government's national budget.

Indian clothing exporters claim the government's failure to deliver promised tax breaks is hitting overseas salesIndia tax breaks fail to deliver garment export boost 3 January 2020

Indian apparel exporters fear losing business – and even being forced to close some units – over the failure of the government to pay promised tax benefits since March 2019, which are now said to amount to more than US$710m.

India exported US$1.36bn worth of apparel in July, Indian apparel exports remain sluggish 14 October 2019

Indian apparel exports continue to be sluggish even after registering an 11% growth in July compared to June this year, after three months of continuous decline.

New amendments make it impossible for companies to escape their CSR responsibilityIndian clothing companies face up to mandatory CSR rules 13 September 2019

New mandatory requirements for corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes in India are forcing the country's garment exporters to refocus on their community development schemes and make special provisions to record all expenditure in this area.

India's ready-made-garment exports fell 3% to US$16.18bn in the fiscal year ending March 2019New India government likely to review minimum wage 26 June 2019

India's new Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government is planning to increase the country's minimum wage rates – a move that could damage the current cost advantages enjoyed of Indian apparel exporters an industry body has warned.

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