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Robert P Antoshak

Robert P AntoshakBiography

Robert P Antoshak has more than 30 years of experience in the fibre, textile and apparel industries.

With an extensive background in strategic planning, fibre marketing, management consulting, and government relations, Robert has held positions with the Fiber Organon, American Fiber Manufacturers Association, American Textile Manufacturers Institute, Werner International, and INTL-FCStone, and is currently the managing director of Olah Inc, the New York-based marketer of denim fabrics and organiser of the global Kingpins trade show.

Robert has worked as an FBI-cleared industry advisor to the US government on numerous bilateral textile quota trade agreements, NAFTA, the MFA, and the WTO.

Columns by Robert P Antoshak

From Field to ShelfFrom Field to Shelf

Regular opinion about the global market for cotton, textiles and apparel, and how it impacts on the supply chain from the field to the shelf. By industry consultant Robert P Antoshak, managing director of Olah Inc.

Articles by Robert P Antoshak

Local decisions can have global impactsFrom Field to Shelf – The good and the bad of globalisation 16 February 2021

If there's anything globalisation has taught us, it's that countries tend to import each other's problems, says industry consultant Robert Antoshak. For instance, forced labour in China ends up in the cotton unwittingly bought by so many consumers in the west. Then there's the myth of sustainability...

From Field to Shelf – How a divided America lost its way 15 January 2021

As an American, I am embarrassed and humiliated, writes industry consultant Robert Antoshak. It will take us years to overcome the actions of 6 January 2021.

With people living longer, older workers will continue to generate earnings, and in turn, their spending will remain significantFrom Field to Shelf – The outlook for the future is hazy and grey 11 December 2020

The population of many major countries around the world is ageing. The big question for industry consultant Robert Antoshak is how will this affect consumer purchasing power – especially for clothing?

From Field to Shelf – Will a troubled presidential transition add to apparel industry woes? 16 November 2020

The US apparel industry faces many problems these days – not least of which are a potentially turbulent transition to the Biden Administration and the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic. By industry consultant Robert Antoshak, and Fashion+Sustainability advisor Thomasine Dolan Dow.

Both Republicans and Democrats see tariffs as a way to put pressure on ChinaFrom Field to Shelf – US political divisions complicate fashion's future 20 October 2020

Forecasting the future is always difficult. But during days of extreme challenges, a look ahead is more important than ever. Here, industry consultant Robert Antoshak shares his thoughts on American politics, the economy, and the outlook for the future.

US denim apparel imports are down by nearly 35% in the year to JulyFrom Field to Shelf – Should the denim industry worry about knitwear? 15 September 2020

Anecdotal evidence suggests consumer demand for mass-market jeans has plummeted during the Covid pandemic. In contrast, demand for knitwear – including cotton T-shirts, knitted shirts and sweatpants – has increased as comfort becomes king. Robert Antoshak, managing director of Olah Inc, crunches the numbers to find out more.

Installation of first three of five automated mask machines at Vidalia MillsFrom Field to Shelf – The great masking of America 11 August 2020

A shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), including face masks, triggered by the global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has prompted US domestic textile companies to mobilise their production facilities and supply chains to fill the void. Here's the story of Vidalia Mills – by industry consultant Robert Antoshak, who helped oversee the project.

20% of human endeavours result in most of society's forward momentumFrom Field to Shelf – How the apparel industry can become exceptional 9 July 2020

As disheartened members of this supply chain, and as optimistic consumers, we commit to being part of the 20% – the minority demanding and developing, launching, and implementing new and sustainable innovations and standards up and down the supply chain. By Robert Antoshak, managing director of Olah Inc, and April Kappler, consultant to the cotton and textile supply chain.

From Field to Shelf – Selling garments should never be the same 10 June 2020

As an industry we keep repeating ourselves: making the same mistakes over and over again. Twenty-five years ago, the pain was felt in America. Today it's suffered in Bangladesh. We must acknowledge that it's time for a change. The old model has overstayed its welcome and outlived its usefulness. It should be scrapped for something better. By Robert Antoshak, managing director of Olah Inc.

The catastrophe has provided a rare opportunity for NGOs to set the industry on a better trackFrom Field to Shelf – Now is the time for NGOs to up their game 12 May 2020

If non-governmental organisations (NGOs) wish to remain relevant – and productive – they need to press their case now. Otherwise the fashion industry will go back to its old ways of doing business in a post-Covid world, says Robert Antoshak, managing director of Olah Inc.

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