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Alibaba's Xunxi Digital Factory can produce small-batch orders at reasonable costs and with shorter delivery timesMicro-factories – The on-shore solution for a digital world 23 December 2020

Micro-factories can help retailers win in the battle of mass customisation and also bring some fashion manufacturing closer to customers, says Roit Kathiala. Here he sets out their advantages in speed-to-market, flexibility and even cost-competitiveness.

Fashion shoppers increasingly want their purchases to align with the higher purpose of doing good by making a differenceFashion's guiding force – Look good, do good, feel good 27 November 2020

Fashion purchases are still and always will be driven by the desire to look good – but in order to feel good, shoppers are increasingly aligning with brands and actions that have a higher purpose to do good. By following the industry's new north star, companies can set themselves up for a more sustainable future, says Roit Kathiala.

Selling direct to consumers bypasses the need for stores or retail intermediariesBrands – Your next competitor could be your vendor 30 October 2020

With the coronavirus crisis re-writing the rules of fashion retail, new opportunities are also emerging for manufacturers to build their own brand and sell directly to consumers, explains Roit Kathiala.

The future of fashion supply chains – Part II 18 September 2020

The second in a two-part series on the future of fashion supply chains proposes that digital supply chains have the potential to unlock endless possibilities across an organisation that take decision-making, responsiveness, customer service and profitability to another level. Roit Kathiala sets out some key steps to get there.

Fashion retailers must ensure that they use digital tools to engage consumers and offer new experiencesThe future of fashion supply chains – Part I 20 August 2020

The first in a two-part series on the future of fashion supply chains takes a look at the changing face of fashion retailing – and why digitising supply chains can unlock large efficiencies, improve transparency and reduce costs to help companies survive and thrive. By Roit Kathiala.

The need for a greener and more sustainable apparel supply chain has been reverberating both upstream and downstreamTackling greenhouse gas emissions in fashion supply chains 28 July 2020

The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to global carbon emissions – making it imperative that fashion supply chains find more environmentally friendly ways of operating. The journey starts with the first step of understanding and measuring the impacts, as Roit Kathiala explains.

Moving garments on hangers from factory to store can offer convenience, reduced packaging waste, in-store cost savings and other efficienciesGarments on Hangers – Strategies for a digital world 22 June 2020

"To hang or to box" is a question that has long been debated within the fashion retail supply chain. With companies now emerging from the coronavirus pandemic looking to reconfigure their supply chains to withstand future disruptions, the way garments are moved from factory to consumer is a critical consideration as the industry pivots to a digital future – Roit Kathiala decodes.

Manufacturers must realign with the changing needs of the fast-shifting fashion business if they are to thrive in the coming decadesManufacturers must future-proof as fashion gets faster 26 May 2020

If there's one thing the coronavirus pandemic has exposed, it's that successful retailers and brands are the ones who are nimble, agile and flexible to meet customers' rapidly changing needs. Here, Roit Kathiala sets out steps for manufacturers to realign with this fast-shifting fashion business if they want to stay relevant in the coming decades. 

To drive real change, sustainable principles must be adopted across the complete supply chain ecosystemSustainable supply chains – A force for real change 30 April 2020

The supply chain has the potential to be the single biggest force for change in the sustainability of the global fashion industry. Here Roit Kathiala sets out steps to transform supply chain ecosystems for maximum impact.

Short-term impacts could mean a drop in store visits and an increased shift to online shoppingCoronavirus disruption – How will fashion companies emerge? 18 March 2020

How retail and fashion companies and their supply chains might fare coming out of the coronavirus crisis – and possible longer-term impacts on social trends and behaviour.

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