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Shifting apparel supply chains away from China is easier in theory than in practiceChina sourcing – Fall of the dragon and rise of the rest 15 January 2020

As the tariff war rages between US and China, the key question facing many apparel companies sourcing from China is: Where to go next? The problem is real, but shifting supply chains is easier said than done, writes Roit Kathiala.

The use of digital data can help execute better business decisionsDigitally enabled product creation – Key steps to success 12 December 2019

Digital data tools and machine learning can provide fashion companies with an alternative way to make fact-based decisions that are not swayed by personal bias or emotion. Roit Kathiala explains how a digitally enabled creative process could work – and the key steps to success.

For fashion brands and retailers the solution to sustainability will need to be a multi-pronged approachSustainability in fashion supply chains – the road ahead 1 November 2019

Sustainability in fashion is a complex issue for consumers to understand and the industry to fix. The problem is compounded by a vague marketing approach adopted by some brands, while the real solution lies in a multi-pronged approach from consumers, industry and the government, says Roit Kathiala, who looks at how best to balance consumer sentiment and supply chain realities.

New digital supply chains are key to delivering products at greater speed, quality and sustainabilityFashion @ Speed of thought – The digital supply chain 22 October 2019

The fashion industry has never been kind to the undisciplined, the slow-moving or the slow evolving. Customers change their preferences seemingly as fast as they can scroll through their Instagram feeds. Once-hot brick-and-mortar clothing retailers, of which there is a long list, are worth just a fraction of what they once were. So where does this leave the fashion supply chain of the future? Roit Kathiala takes a look.

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