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Shannon Brady and Dr Sheng Lu

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It is a common perception among consumers that donating used clothing is good for the environment and can help people in needHere’s why the used clothing trade deserves more attention 11 December 2018

While friction over the ban of used clothing exports from the US to East Africa seems to have come to an end, some fundamental issues still remain, according to Shannon Brady and Sheng Lu from the University of Delaware. Their latest research throws up complex economic, social, legal and political factors linked with the trade in second-hand clothes – and questions the effectiveness of preference programmes such as AGOA as a tool for economic development.

The value of world used clothing trade has risen from $1.8bn in 2006 to $3.7bn in 2016, an increase of 106%Why is the used clothing trade such a hot-button issue? 2 August 2018

Apparel exports from Rwanda to the United States lost their duty-free benefits under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) after the country refused to lift a policy that effectively bans imports of used clothing. Here, Shannon Brady and Sheng Lu from the University of Delaware offer some insights into world used clothing trade – and share their thoughts on why it deserves more attention.

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