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While talks are underway on a US-UK FTA, its prospects are likely to be hampered by several political and policy issuesWhat might a US-UK trade deal mean for apparel? 28 August 2020

The United States and the United Kingdom are moving forward on talks on a bilateral trade agreement that would come into force after the UK officially leaves the European Union. But what might a US-UK FTA mean for the apparel industry? ask Victoria Langro and Sheng Lu from the University of Delaware.

More than 33% of the UK's apparel imports came from the EU in 2018 – a record high since 2010What's in store for UK apparel sourcing as Brexit beckons? 20 December 2019

The United Kingdom is the world's fifth-largest apparel market, but the uncertainties around Brexit are causing mounting anxieties. UK brands and retailers fear their sourcing costs will go up – especially in the case of a no-deal Brexit – and that it will be more difficult to access raw materials and workers, as well as move products across UK/EU borders. Victoria Langro and Dr Sheng Lu from the University of Delaware assess current sourcing patterns – and what might change.

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