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Esquel's Integral facility in Guilin aims to prove that textile and clothing manufacturing in China can be eco-friendly and sustainable
Esquel elevates green credentials with new Chinese facility 5 June 2018

Hong Kong-based Esquel Group, the world's largest woven shirt maker, has been bedding-in operations at a ground-breaking new $313.3m manufacturing complex launched in March. With a focus on sustainability, the Chinese facility is starting with the supply of premier blended cotton yarns, with a garment factory to follow – as CEO John Cheh tells just-style.

Hosted by Esquel Group, the 2017 Integral Conversation saw more than 300 international experts join the eventInnovation is the key to successful sustainability 29 November 2017

Innovations in boosting sustainability in the textile and clothing sector and beyond were highlighted at this year's annual Integral Conversation conference, hosted again by Hong Kong shirt specialist Esquel Group in Guilin in southern China.

John Cheh, vice chairman and CEO of Esquel Group, at the company's 2017 Integral ConversationEsquel CEO emphasises efficiency and sustainability 28 November 2017

A leading and long-term supplier to global names such as Marks & Spencer, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and Hugo Boss, Hong Kong-based shirt manufacturer Esquel Group is testing a new territory as it broadens its sustainable horizons, as vice chairman and CEO John Cheh explains.

Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario explained how the company is greening its supply chain from design to productionHow to ensure sustainability is more than a slogan 6 December 2016

The annual Integral Conversation conference organised by Hong Kong-based textile and apparel giant Esquel Group this year heard how brands such as Patagonia are making sustainability more than a slogan.

Guangdong Esquel, the largest production campus of Hong Kong-based cotton shirt maker Esquel GroupEsquel efficiency drive continues to bolster major brands 2 December 2016

The CEO at Hong Kong based shirt maker Esquel has told just-style that the company is continuing to innovate to improve efficiency and productivity, and has recently moved its new highly automated pilot production line from Malaysia to its major facility in Gaoming. 

Many big Chinese clothing and textile manufacturers have built bases overseas to lower costsSourcing shifts – Why China makers are moving out or moving online 4 May 2016

Once clothing sourcing was all about China. Not any more. Recent years have seen a decline in China's export industry, especially in labour-intensive sectors such as clothing and footwear manufacturing, because of rising labour costs and an appreciating Chinese yuan. But while many China garment makers are moving out or moving online, production shifts are not necessarily a linear process.

Esquel's Chinese cotton yarn feeds its fabric mill in Gaoming, Guangdong provinceEsquel backs sustainable Chinese Sea Island cotton supply 8 February 2016

Hong Kong-based Esquel Group, the major vertically integrated cotton to shirt supplier, is making progress in a research programme to develop a sustainable Chinese supply of Sea Island cotton – also known as extra-long staple (ELS) cotton – in Xinjiang.

Esquel Group remains committed to China, says CEO John ChehEsquel CEO says automation core to competitiveness 1 December 2015

While doomsayers have been waxing lyrically for the past two years about how the Chinese clothing industry could have a shaky future, John Cheh, vice chairman and CEO of Esquel Group, the Hong Kong-based vertically integrated cotton to shirt maker, is resolute in his optimism. 

Marjorie Yang, chairman of Esquel Group, says the company puts a high priority on environmental development and sustainabilityClothing sector helps China to green its growth 17 November 2015

A conference on sustainability staged by Hong Kong-based textile and apparel giant Esquel Group has heard how China is making serious efforts to green its growth – and the clothing and textile sector is playing its part.

Exports of textiles from North Korea to China have surged between 2010 and 2014China quadruples textile imports from North Korea 24 October 2014

Exports of textiles from North Korea to China are expected to quadruple to US$800m by the end of 2014, giving Chinese clothing firms a welcome supply of cheap fabric.

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