The Market Speaks: Centric Software is global innovation & market leader


After 4 consecutive years of phenomenal, explosive growth, customers confirm Centric market leadership in PLM for fashion, retail and consumer goods. Everyone at Centric would like to extend a huge and heartfelt thank you to our customers for helping us become the fastest, growing PLM solution for fashion, retail, luxury, footwear, outdoor and consumer goods.

How do you know which solution is the best? Easy. Just listen to the market.

“Everyone in the market knows of Centric and we were impressed by their forward-thinking mobile portfolio and clear, visible attitude to rapid innovation,” says one customer.

With over 40 new customers this year, Centric opened new offices in Latin America, Japan and Scandinavia. What do our new partners think of this? Simple. The market speaks for itself. “With the opening of their office here in Sweden, we are convinced we made the right decision in selecting Centric as a partner," says a customer.

This year, we reached our 145 customer milestone. Why do leading brands and retailers trust Centric? Again, the market speaks for itself. “Centric’s focus on our market, their continued innovation, their reputation with their customers for delivering on their commitments and their consulting team are just some of the reasons that lead us to this decision,” declares a customer.

To continue to best support our customers, we launched several new initiatives this year, including a new cloud-based PLM, tailored for small businesses. Why? Because we think every company can set the foundation for future growth. “It is a comprehensive PLM solution which can adapt to our needs as our business grows,” says a customer.

Centric 8 PLM is a completely configurable, out-of-the-box PLM system that reduces risk as it speeds value delivery. “Their agile implementation methodology will enable us to obtain a faster ROI for the company,” explains another one.

Centric 8 PLM is a fashion dedicated PLM. 100% fashion dedicated. “What we like about Centric is that their team knows about fashion. The fact that Centric is 100% fashion-dedicated and that their team, from their CEO to consultants, were available to answer our questions. This made us feel that we were part of the same family,” concludes a customer.

We believe rapid implementation is the key to achieving rapid results. How do we do this? “With consistent support, we were able to not only achieve a fast implementation, but one that met and supported each individual user’s needs,” concludes a customer.

The market speaks for itself

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