US apparel import roundup

US apparel import roundup

Monthly figures from the Department of Commerce's Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) highlight the rise and fall of global apparel imports into the US.

Vietnam leads US apparel import growth in January 7 Mar 2016

Apparel imports into the US offered surprising results in January, with five of the top ten supplier countries posting declines. Vietnam and Bangladesh, however, both led with double-digit gains, while China's growth continued to accelerate. 

Vietnam and Bangladesh lead US apparel import gains in June 6 Aug 2015

Apparel imports into the US continued to rise in June, as retailers stocked up in anticipation of a busy spring and summer. While China remained top of the table, with growth accelerating from the month before, strong double-digit gains were booked by three of the top-ten supplier counties: Vietnam, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

China leads March US apparel import surge 6 May 2015

Apparel imports into the US surged in March as cargo volumes at west coast ports started to clear. The top three supplier countries booked double-digit increases, with China leading the way, Vietnam bouncing back from its first decline in more than two years, and Bangladesh rising further.

Vietnam apparel shipments to the US see surprise slip 8 Apr 2015

February is historically the slowest month when it comes to US apparel imports, but attempts to bring forward deliveries of spring merchandise amid ongoing disruptions at US West Coast ports led to a rebound this year. While five of the top ten supplier countries booked gains, including China and Bangladesh, the surprise performance was from Vietnam, whose shipments slipped for the first time in more than two years.

VIEWPOINT: US apparel imports fall from eight of top-ten suppliers 9 Jan 2015

With most holiday merchandise brought into the US early as retailers rushed to beat a possible shutdown of West Coast ports, it is perhaps not surprising that apparel imports fell in November. But with shipments plunging from eight of the top-ten suppliers, Vietnam alone was the stand-out performer during the month.

Bangladesh slips as US imports surge in September 10 Nov 2014

US apparel imports surged in September as retailers continued to stock up on holiday merchandise amid fears of possible disruption to shipments due to the ongoing dockworkers dispute at major West Coast container ports. Four of the top-ten supplier countries - China, Vietnam, Indonesia and India - saw strong double-digit gains, but Bangladesh sank for the seventh month in a row.

Vietnam surges ahead in US apparel import gains 10 Oct 2014

Spurred on by the back-to-school season and fears of potential disruption to shipments of holiday merchandise amid the dockworkers contract dispute at major West Coast container ports, US apparel imports in August reached their highest level in more than a year.

ANALYSIS: China and Vietnam lead US apparel imports in July 8 Sep 2014

US retailers ramped up stocks for the start of the back-to-school season in July, pushing apparel imports for the month up by 13.4%, according to the latest data. But while China and Vietnam were the biggest beneficiaries of these gains, shipments from Bangladesh, Indonesia and Cambodia tumbled.

ANALYSIS: US apparel imports show continuing China competitiveness 8 Aug 2014

Half-way through the year and US apparel imports are taking shape to give a broader view of the trends so far - including average unit costs from China falling below those of Bangladesh. Not surprisingly, supply options in the first six months of 2014 point to China and Vietnam as the ongoing winners, while shipments from Bangladesh continue to drop.

ANALYSIS: Vietnam soars as US apparel imports decline in May 8 Jul 2014

Despite forecasts suggesting US imports would continue to rise in May - in part to offset the threat of possible industrial action and disruption at major West Coast container ports this summer - the latest data in fact shows apparel imports were down year-on-year. While Vietnam was one of the few countries bucking the overall decline, shipments from China and Bangladesh showed fluctuating fortunes.

ANALYSIS: Bangladesh lags as Vietnam leads US import growth 5 Jun 2014

As US retailers stocked up in anticipation of a busy spring and summer, their preferred supplier choices in April continued to be led by China and Vietnam. But the decline in shipments from Bangladesh appears to be accelerating.

China and Vietnam lead March in US apparel imports 7 May 2014

China and Vietnam led a surge in US apparel imports in March as retailers emerged from the annual post-holiday slowdown and started stocking up for the spring and summer seasons.

Stark contrast in US imports from China and Vietnam 7 Apr 2014

February is historically the slowest month of the year when it comes to US apparel imports, so it's not surprising that volumes were down. But the fortunes of the two biggest suppliers tell a very different story, with shipments from China seeing a double-digit decline and those from Vietnam continuing to rise.

Vietnam leads US apparel supply growth in January 13 Mar 2014

A rise in US apparel imports in January suggests retailers are optimistic for a good start to the year, with gains outpacing imports of all goods and services during the month and Vietnam the fastest-growing supplier.

US apparel imports from China show no slowdown 12 Feb 2014

For all the talk about declining Chinese competitiveness, sourcing shifts and the likely growth in near-shoring, official figures show the true state of play when it came to US apparel sourcing last year. And the picture they paint shows supply options continue to be dominated by China, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

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