Primark must be breathing slightly easier today (16 March) following a torrid week in which it has been battered by a large section of the UK media.

The furore concerned the cut-price clothing retailer stocking a padded bikini top, which it has subsequently withdrawn and following two consecutive days this week when the issue was splashed across the front pages of one of the UK's largest-selling tabloids, The Sun.

And despite Primark being in the teeth of the media storm, it is not alone in having reportedly stocked garments of a similar ilk, notably with padded bras on sale at Tesco and online at Next as well as Peacocks and a padded bra sold by Tammy, part of Bhs.

Primark has now withdrawn its bikini top and has undertaken to review its lines, while Next will evaluate any claims and make changes if necessary. Tammy will withdraw the products, while Peacocks will check its range.

It's easy of course to be wise after the event but in this day and age you have to wonder what went on at the meetings to approve these lines.

Even the politicians have stuck their beaks in - the UK is slap bang in the middle of a general election - and just about anything that moves is deemed worthy of comment.

Just one look at those hideous 'beauty pageants,' where young girls are caked in make-up and jewellery as well as kitted out in seemingly adult clothes, should make any retailer run for the hills when it comes to supplying such products.

The fact this has now come centre stage - and despite being sensationalised by The Sun surely the newspaper did a very valuable service - must make retailers stop and think far more carefully about their ranges.

UK retailers have reacted quickly. Will the rest of the world where this may happen now take note?